2009 engagement bestseller: Pave engagement rings.

When you design an Pave engagement rings, it is common to have a larger focal stone in a Tiffany style setting in the center, a single row of small diamonds matched to the width of the band on either side of the center stone. A second common pave engagement rings style is to have the above ingredients, but to have a wider band on which short rows of pave diamonds are set across the band. This adds additional width and texture to the ring.

What is Pave Setting?

Pave diamond engagement rings

The word pave comes from the word pavement meaning stones lay close together. In pave setting the tiny diamonds are laid close together, these clusters can produce great brilliance and the prices are also reasonable as very small diamonds are not very expensive.

Pave Engagement Rings Cost

The pave engagement rings can be very expensive or very affordable, it all depends on :

1. The stone used. The smaller stones are less expensive and the quality of stones also need not be very high.

2. The cost of pave engagement rings is calculated according to the total carat weight. Solitaire diamonds are costlier than small diamonds.

3. The type of metal used for band, whether the rings are customized or designed. Price of pave engagement rings also increases in case there are additional accents or embellishments like filigree beneath the center stone.

In addition to the lower cost, designing your own pave engagement rings allows you to create a ring that is like no one else’s. Once you have found or drawn a picture of the ring you want, you can work with a qualified jeweler to turn the picture of the perfect pave engagement ring into the real thing.