Big mistakes in the proposal wedding rings.

Rings in ice creams are a rather dangerous way to propose!

For that matter, any dessert or food perhaps.

diamond engagement rin 

What happens if the girl doesn’t notice it and swallows it? That’s what happened to a young couple in Farmington. Her boyfriend put the diamond engagement ring into a Wendy’s Frosty and gave it to her and before he knew it, she had swallowed the ring.

She didn’t feel a thing so they wondered whether the ring had indeed been there at all till they had an X-ray taken and there it was, in her stomach. So they had to wait a couple of days before the ring passed out till it could be put on the finger it was meant for!

What has happened however is that the two of them have shot to fame because of what happened and they have been zipping across the country giving television interviews. Is swallowing a diamond engagement ring the way to instant fame? Looks like it is!