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A guide for Tacori engagement rings


Be wary of the word “Tacori,” because it can be used to mean very different things. Don’t confuse “Tacori” rings with “custom” rings; just because you are choosing a loose diamond at a jeweler does not make it a Tacori ring. This kind of ring is better referred to as a “custom” ring. 

According to the Wikipedia , Tacori means: “American jewelry designer focusing on platinum and diamond bridal jewelry.” There is a difference between a ring designed by a well-renowned jeweler and one made by someone else.

Tacori engagement ring

When a man gives a woman an engagement ring, he is professing his love and commitment to her. This is a huge event in one’s life that only happens once. When the woman takes the ring, she is making the commitment to have it on her finger for the rest of her life. Do you think that your bride will be satisfied with a discount store or pawnshop ring? She will be happy with a ring that has been custom designed, but if you really want to send her over the top, a high end Tacori engagement ring will do just that. 

Have you ever seen what a newly engaged young woman does while telling her friends about the engagement? She will hold out her hand to show off the diamond ring to whomever she can. Everyone expresses their surprise and pleasure. A beautiful ring will make even the most reserved squeal with joy. You will find that, for the moment, they are more excited about their ring than they are about the person who gave it to them. 

A bride-to-be’s circle of friends could quite possibly determine her expectations of a Tacori ring. A good jeweler will be able to offer rings from many famous Tacoris such as Art Carved, Calla Cut, Michael M, and Scott Kay. If you decide to buy an engagement ring from a company that imports diamonds directly from the source, you could avoid a higher cost and middleman markups. Diamonds should be graded according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) guidelines, rather than an in-store grading system. The company you select needs to have a respected history and a bonafide warranty. 

When you buy a diamond and gold engagement ring, you are making an investment that will hold its value for quite some time. Finding a unique Tacori engagement ring for your fianc?e should be fun and exciting, so take your time and find the Tacori ring that’s perfect for your bride.

Elegant rengagement ring with diamond stones

While you may think of diamond engagement rings of being set with a single stone, this is not always the case. There are plenty of diamond rings that are set with other stones that are used as engagement rings. The aspect of the ring that makes it stand apart from other rings is that the diamond engagement rings usually have one stone that stands out amid the rest and are symmetrical in nature. This is not always the case, but tradition.

Diamond engagement rings
Today, diamond rings come in all shapes and sizes. You can get diamond rings that are set in either platinum or white gold as well as yellow gold. Many women today prefer the look of white gold. You can get just diamonds or other gems as well. Diamond rings set in white gold have a sparkling effect and glisten from the hands. They look elegant on the fingers of whoever is wearing them.

Most couples today go together to choose diamond engagement rings. Many times, a woman wants to choose her own ring as she intends to wear it for the rest of her life. In addition to wanting to have a certain style when it comes to her diamond rings, a woman also wants to make sure the ring fits. Diamond rings are not like any other type of jewelry as they have to be sized. Diamond engagement rings are costly and have sentimental value. No one wants them to slip off their finger. Nor does anyone want to have their diamond ring on so tight that it interferes with the circulation of the finger on which it is worn.

In some cases, a man may want to select a ring for his intended wife as a surprise. It helps if he has an idea of what she likes when it comes to diamond rings. It also helps to know her size. Knowing what size diamonds she likes, if she prefers a solitaire diamond or a gemstone setting, if she prefers white gold to yellow, brushed finish to polished. All of these come into play when it comes to choices that are made with regard to diamond engagement rings.

Diamond engagement rings are the most special of all diamond rings as they indicate a promise as well as a hope for the future. Men who choose diamond engagement rings for the woman who they love have a great deal of choices to make. While every woman dreams of being surprised when it comes to getting engaged and being presented with a ring, she usually has a diamond in mind that she would like. The more that is known about her wishes, the easier the choice will be to buy a diamond engagement ring. Men who want to not take any chances and get her something that she will love, should either pay close attention if she is talking at rings or admiring them, or just propose without the ring and allow her to choose the ring herself from the many diamond engagement rings offered by fine jewelers.