Top 14 Women’s Celebrity Engagement Rings

The celebrity’s engagement Ring has since hit the Hollywood skids, the trend of adorning engagement rings with colored gemstones is now hotter than ever. A Colored diamonds have become increasingly popular over the past few years, with not only celebrities, but everyday brides as also popular. And we all know that when it comes to your engagement ring, bigger is always better.

See the Star’s engagement Rings Photos With Details:


Jennifer Love Hewitt
Size: Approximately 1.5 carats
Estimated value: $45,000 only
Setting: In the Ring is Round solitaire diamond with floral diamonds set in platinum. It’s beautiful ring.
Jennifer is 28 year old actress. She said said yes when Scottish actor Ross McCall is 31year old, presented her with this antique family gem in November. "She’s very girlie," Lane says. "A vintage ring is perfect!"

Celebrity Jennifer Love Hewitt engagement ring

Jessica Alba
Size: 5 carats
Estimated value: $100,000
Setting: Asscher cut diamond surrounded by pave diamonds on a pave diamond band in the Ring.
Jessica Alba is 27 year old actress, was spotted over Christmas 2007 sporting a ring from Cash Warren, he is 29 year old.

Jessica Alba engagement rings

Ashlee Simpson
Size: Approximately 4 carats
Estimated value: $100,000
Setting: In the mideel Square cushion cut diamond set in pave diamonds
Ashlee Simpson is 23 year old singer. She says "I go, ‘Oh, my God, I can’t believe its on my hand!", It’s definitely a big diamond in the ring. Hubby-to-be Pete Wentz, is 28 year old, in the ring designed the gem.

Ashlee Simpson engagement ring

Katherine Heigl
Size: 3 carats
Setting: The ring Pear-shaped diamond and flanked by pave diamonds. It’s beautiful ring antiq ring.
The ring Designed by jeweler Ryan Ryan, the sparkler has sentimental value. Half of the platinum band is from her mother’s own engagement ring.

Katherine Heigl diamond engagement ring

Salma Hayek
Size: Approximately 5-plus carats
Estimated value: $200,000
Setting: Salma Hyeak is 41 year old actress, It’s powerful,” jeweler Neil Lane tells Us of the ring Hayek, got from fiance and father of 3-month-old Valentina, Franois-Henri Pinault is 45 year old.

Salma Hayek diamond engagement rings

Scarlett Johansson
Size: 3 carats
Estimated value: $30,000
Setting: Round brilliant solitaire on an intertwined yellow gold band full of dimond. This ring is simple and sober.
Johansson confirmed her engagement to 31year old actor Ryan Reynolds, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala in New York City on 5 May.

Scarlett Johansson engagement ring

Beth Ostrosky
Size: 5.2 carats
Estimated value: $250,000
Setting: Emerald-cut diamond with side stones set in platinum. It’s so costly and beautiful.
Beth Ostrosky is 35 year old actress, who proposed to jock Howard Stern on Valentine’s Day with this art deco-style sparkler, he designed the ring with Jeweler Richie Winick.

Beth Ostrosky diamond engagement rings

Size: 3-4 carats
Estimated value: $75,000
Setting: Diamond solitaire on a platinum band. It’s so simple and delicket.
Fergie is 33 year old singer, she has gushed of her ring from her 35 year old fiance Josh Duhamel, who popped the question in December 2007. "He did a good job!"

Celebrity Fergie engagement ring

Nicolette Sheridan
Size: Approximately 5 carats
Estimated value: $150,000
Setting: Diamond solitaire on a platinum band and 3 carat gam in the ring.
Nicolette Sheridan sported an almost 3-carat gem from her ex, but traded up when old flame Michael Bolton proposed last year. She tells Us the star borrowed a similar ring for the 2006 SAG Awards and bets ‘she told Michael that she is wanted this ring".

Nicolette Sheridan diamond engagement rings

Jamie Lynn Spears
Size: 1.5-2 carats
Estimated value: $10-15,000
Setting: In the ring is Marquise diamond on a pave diamond and white gold band
Jamie Lynn Spears is 16 year old pregnant officially broke news of her engagement to Casey Aldridge, "The Rumors Are True" during a shopping trip in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, on March 27. She also flashed her ring. She told us "He proposed and she accepted," Aldridge’s cousin

Jamie Lynn Spears diamond engagement rings

Katharine McPhee
Size: Approximately 3-plus carats
Estimated value: $100,000
Setting: In the ring oval-cut yellow diamond with pink pave diamonds set in platinum
Katharine McPhee is 23 year old The American Idol runner-up, started showing off this classically cut colored stone from actor Nick Cokas,43, in November.

Celebrity Katharine McPhee engagement ring

Carmen Electra
Size: 1.5-2-carat
Estimated value: $100,000
Setting: In the ring has Black diamond solitaire, with a platinum band to inset with white diamonds
Carmen Electra is 36 year old star, and her fiance Rob Patterson is 37 year old , popped the question but she said it was, “wonderful and sweet.”

Carmen Electra engagement ring

Tracey Edmonds
Size: 8 carats
Estimated value: $400,000
Setting: In the ring has a Cartier fancy yellow emerald-cut diamond with white diamond baguettes set in platinum. It’s so beautiful and very costly.
Tracey Edmonds is 40 year old and her 46 year old the film producer’s showstopper from Eddie Murphy, He said “This contemporary ring is very hip, like Tracey,”

Tracey Edmonds diamond engagement ring

Mariah Carey
Estimated value: $2.5 million
Setting: The ring’s diamond is Square, emerald-cut fancy light pink diamond, surrounded by 58 intense pink diamonds, and flanked by two half-moon diamonds in the ring.
Mariah Carey is 38 year old singer and her wed Nick Canon is 27 year old, in the Bahamas on April 30 on her finger. An equally fabulous diamond encrusted band.

Mariah Carey diamond engagement ring


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    Love Beth Ostrosky ring. Stunning. I think if a non celeb wore one of these it would not look genuine. Only Maria could get away with wearing a n amazing diamond like that.

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    Well only if they didn buy a nice diamond anyone that has the right ring cn look good in it. Its not like celebs arent normal people too. My favorites are Carmen Electra, Tracey Edmonds, and Jennifer Love Hewitts. They are all unique and beautiful rings.

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