Beautiful tiffany engagement rings

The act of giving Tiffany engagement rings is a custom that first appears in the tomes of history some 5,000 years ago and can be linked to the ancient people of Egypt. According to the available records and folklore, it was during that era that people made a connection between the nature of a circle, which has no beginning or ending point, and the nature of love. These days, Tiffany diamond engagement rings and wedding rings are still apt symbols of expressing true love.

Tiffany engagement rings

Way back when the Roman Empire was at its highest point, a young man would pledge his intention of marriage to a young woman by offering a ring. BecauseTiffany engagement rings were a legal agreement, accepting the ring showed all that the lady was betrothed and not available to another.

During these ancient ages, these rings were commonly forged from iron, since it was widely available. From these ancient roots and traditions, the modern age engagement rings are considered pieces of fine jewelry. They are most often made from precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold, or silver, and they are embellished with diamonds.

You can find Tiffany diamond engagement rings in all styles including classic, glitzy, and trendy. With so many different engagement ring styles available there is something to match everyone’s individual taste and price range.

The most inexpensive Tiffany rings are simple unadorned ones and sometimes are sterling silver with no Tiffany jewels at all. Oftentimes, simple rings will do double duty as both an engagement ring and a wedding band. This is quite acceptable for those who do not have a lot of money, as well as for those who want to be modest.

Elegant and very nice, a simple basic band is often embellished. Usually you will see a combination that consists of a gold ring set with one Tiffany diamond. This is known as a solitaire. Of course, your ring can also include several cut Tiffany diamonds as well. Often you will find a cluster of diamonds around a larger diamond ring or even several similar sized smaller diamonds in a row.

In the last several years, platinum has been a choice seen more often. Keep in mind that a platinum setting is significantly more costly than a gold or silver setting, which is why only a handful of women are given platinum-set diamonds.

There is no question that a man who is in love and ready to propose can spend an awful lot of money on the perfect ring. But, for more women, the most important thing about engagement rings is not how expensive they are but the sentiment behind the ring and proposal. With the right ingredients in the relationship, the cost of the ring will have very little bearing on the success of the marriage.