Blue diamond engagement rings

Diamonds are clear and sparkling stones but diamonds can also come in different colors. Diamonds signify wealth, style and elegance.
Blue diamond engagement rings are very unique and beautiful. There are several grand names given to the largest and most popular blue diamonds: Blue Empress, Heart of Eternity and Hope.
blue diamond engagement rings
Blue diamonds are considered to be one of the rarest types of diamonds in the world. These natural diamonds are almost non-existent, that is why anyone who is offered with “natural blue diamonds” should always check the genuineness of such gems before purchasing.
These types of diamonds are one of those so-called fancy diamonds, meaning, they posses a strong and attractive and appealing color. They have undergone a diamond treatment process called irradiation wherein they obtain their blue color. Most fancy diamonds are more expensive than the colorless or plain ones because of this process.

If you are wondering where the color blue in blue diamonds come from, wonder no more. The small amount of boron that has been trapped in the diamonds crystal structure is the key element responsible for its color. And this also makes blue diamonds conducive to electricity.

To those who are interested in buying this special diamond engagement ring, you must know that the darker the color blue, it means that it has a better quality. And remember that most blue diamonds available in the market today are man made.