Choosing the blue sapphire for engagement ring

If you are about to buy sapphire earrings for the special someone in your life, but seem to get lost when it comes to designs and styles, here is a quick guide to help you find the perfect sapphire earrings for her.

blue sapphire engagement rings

Types of blue sapphire:

Blue sapphire studs: Blue sapphire studs will  essentially highlight the sapphire in the earrings. Therefore the sapphire should be of good quality say medium blue with eye clean clarity. You could choose from prong or bezel setting for the sapphires. Since the metal will be hardly visible, you could choose either metal yellow gold or white gold. To add a jazz to the simple studs you could choose a design that has diamond border. In this style since the size of the diamond accents is very small it does not really add to the cost but  sure does magic in terms of adding sparkle and sophistication to the earrings. Studs are the perfect gift for women of all ages from teens to youngsters to middle aged women to old grand moms.

Blue sapphire fashion earrings: Very fashionable and refreshingly young style. The size, color and quality of  the sapphire would entirely  depend on the design. If you really like a design and think it goes with the woman’s style, take it. Other considerations such as metal color, gemstone color etc. are mundane if the overall look of the earrings is appealing. Perfect for a fashion forward young woman.

Other than this you could choose from an elegant design or a classic style based on your liking. Just be sure if the gemstone is the big and center of attraction of the earrings, the quality of the sapphire is such that it can be showcased. And if the gemstone is small then the overall look of the earring would be more important.