Engagement rings with Blue sapphire.

Blue sapphire engagement rings
According to an ancient belief the sky got its lovely blue color from a blue sapphire. Sapphires are also known as the celestial gemstones or the gemstones of the heavens. The exotic beauty combined with the gemstone’s durability make sapphire as one of the most priced colored gemstone.
When we think about an engagement ring the feelings that come to our minds are love, beauty, trust and commitment. These are also the key ingredients of a happy and prosperous marriage.

Sapphire engagement ring

Therefore an engagement ring should symbolize the special feelings associated to love, engagement and marriage. Gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies and more are perfect symbols of all mentioned above. Amongst the rest, sapphire engagement rings have made a special place in the engagement ring market with celebrities and royalty opting for sapphire engagement rings instead of the traditional diamond engagement rings. The trend is believed to have started with the famous sapphire engagement ring belonging to Princess Diana presented to her by Prince Charles.