Most Expensive Engagement Rings

In the recessed economy, people are nowadays not really opting for something that might prove to be the closest to their fianc?e that is diamond. As a matter of fact, the shops selling diamond studded accessories like the Finlay, Shane Co etc and many online diamond jewelry vendors have been experiencing a very frozen up business during this time.
expensive engagement rings
As there is no one as such who has ever opted for something that is even more expensive than their own house, therefore, just to view some of the most expensive engagement rings of the world here follows the list of some of the few diamond engagement rings which have proved to be the most expensive in the world.
diamond engagement rings
The first one is from the Elizabeth Collection of House of Taylor Jewelry, which is a Los Angles based jewelry company that has gone international. It is a diamond platinum 5.8 carat ring. It has an oval shape. The cost of the ring is $1.4 million. Are you surprised, well let me tell you that this is a mere beginning and there are many such antiques that reside in this world. For more information stay tuned.