The history of celebrity engagement rings

 From antique rings to one of a kind custom designer creations, there is as much diversity of tastes among the engagement rings of celebrities as there are between the brides themselves. One of the most common attributes of any celebrity ring, however, is the exceptional carat size. Here is a short list of some of these larger than life personalities who have flashed some enormous engagement rings.

celebrity engagement rings

 • Elizabeth Taylor, when engaged to her third husband, Michael Todd, wore a nearly 30 carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring.

• Lady Diana Spencer wore an 18-carat deep blue oval sapphire circled by fourteen diamonds when she promised to become Princess Diana.
• Catherine Zeta-Jones’ nuptial promise to Michael Douglas was sealed with a 10-carat antique horizontal set marquise diamond.
• Despite the eventual cancellation, Jennifer Lopez’s finger sparkled with a 6-carat radiant shaped pink diamond while she was engaged to Ben Affleck, a stone reported to cost more than $3 million.
• Paris Hilton’s short-lived engagement was highlighted by the 24-carat emerald cut diamond ring.
• Donald Trump presented his bride-to-be Melanie Knauss with an overwhelming 12-carat emerald cut engagement ring reported to cost a cool $1 million.
• Alec Baldwin presented his former bride-to-be Kim Basinger with a 5 carat classic single stone princess cut worth in excess of 4 million.
• Sharon Stone was given a three diamond, 3.5 carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring by Phil Bronstein.

Not all celebrities prefer hefty rings, however. Many have chosen elaborate styles and settings over larger stones. What follows is a listing of some smaller, but still quite tasteful and elegant rings worn by some other famous ladies.
• Queen Elizabeth’s classic 3-carat diamond engagement ring was set in platinum surrounded by five smaller stones.
• After Marilyn Monroe eloped with Joe DiMaggio, he presented her with a platinum eternity band set with thirty-six small baguette cut diamonds.
• Jackie Kennedy was given a modest 3-carat emerald set with nearly three additional carats of diamond accents when she accepted the late President John F. Kennedy’s proposal.
• Jessica Simpson’s 4-carat engagement ring was an unorthodox pear-shape set in platinum with two accenting side stones.
• Katie Holmes’ 5-carat ring from Tom Cruise is a classic oval shape in a pave setting.
• Reese Witherspoon’s 4.5 carat Asscher cut engagement ring is set in a stunning 1920s art deco style.
• Camilla Parker Bowles wed Prince Charles with an emerald ring accented by baguettes on each side, set delicately in platinum with an art deco style.
• Star Jones opted for a stunning princess cut diamond as a prelude to her lavish million-dollar wedding.
• Madonna’s 5-carat total weight ring is a three stone design with bezel settings.