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Bride’s best friends – engagement rings

Making the jump to purchase an engagement ring is a big step for anyone and should not be rushed into. For many men, the process of finding the absolute perfect ring for your girl can be exhausting and somewhat confusing if you are not knowledgeable about the different ring styles, settings and attributes . Even if you have some previous knowledge on diamonds, it will benefit you to examine all of the choices from the resellers where you are looking at purchasing your perfect engagement ring. 

Diamond engagement rings

Exploring all of the options jewelers have can help you make that choice for the perfect engagement ring . Many places will make sure to educate you before making your final purchase to ensure that you are choosing the one that is right for you and your mate. If a company cannot give you the detailed background information that you are looking for, it may be wise to choose a different reseller for your engagement ring purchase. Many ring companies have websites that will provide tips and information necessary to make a ring purchase so be sure to use all of the resources available to you, especially if you are not keen on spending a large amount of time in the store becoming more educated before making your purchase. Knowing about cut, clarity, setting and even budget limitations can all help narrow down your search for the perfect engagement ring . 

For those couples that have talked about marriage before the big question has actually been asked, you may want to shop for the perfect engagement ring together. Many women will drop hints such as if she finds someone else’s ring too large or small, and if she would prefer a simple setting or one that includes multiple diamonds . Another way to find out exactly what your girl would like is to look at the jewelry that she already owns and wears regularly . You will not want to purchase an engagement ring that will not blend with what she currently has. If she loves yellow gold and multiple stones you will not be browsing platinum solitaire engagement rings . 

Diamond set engagement rings

Some women will not have a preference for their engagement rings to the wedding bands, while others feel that it is imperative that they match. Take stock of her belongings and how she organizes her belongings. If all of her towels in her linen closet match or she has an exact set of coordinating serving dishes with matching spoons, she is most likely the type of woman who would prefer an engagement ring that belongs to a set. These can be purchased together or separately depending on where you are shopping, while other engagement rings can be put with a number of wedding bands quite well. A simple solitaire diamond engagement ring will go with practically any wedding band, so if you are unsure, this may be the best choice for your purchase.

Emerald wedding rings

Finding a perfect pair of ring to seal a promise could be at some point exhausting yet you still find yourself in the midst of this seemingly endless hunt for those perfect bands. After all, you would not go through much of these frets if not for one ultimate goal, that is to finally say yes to “forever. And what could best symbolize this promise of enduring love than a diamond ring.

Emerald engagement and wedding rings

Diamond rings signify love, dedication, and loyalty a couple shares. Choosing a design for engagement rings says a lot about personalities and characters of couples.

Couples who prefer traditional look goes for an emerald cut diamond engagement rings. Aside from its stunning vintage look, this ring also comes in a surprisingly reasonable price.

Emerald cut diamond engagement ring was one of the foremost innovations of the wealthy class during the reign of Pope Innocent III. Originating from plain metal bands, decorative rings were invented having gemstones incorporated in its design. These rings bear initials conveying affection and honor. These initials were expressed by using sentimental gems that literally spells “regards. Stones used were emerald, ruby, and garnet among others.

The first emerald cut diamond engagement ring was recorded in 1477, upon engagement of Mary of Burgundy to Archduke Maximillian of Austria.

The emerald cut diamond engagement ring has a rectangular shaped diamond with slightly cropped corners. Originally, this method of cutting was intended for emeralds, however, by giving consideration to market demands and favoring its sophisticated shape or appearance, the cut was later used on diamonds too.

Thus, emerald cut diamond engagement rings came out. This kind however has few facets as compared to other cuts. Due to this, clarity is quite affected. Clarity refers to the translucency or flawlessness of the stone.