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Antique engagement rings add glamour

If your would-be-bride is interested in the jewelries of bygone era, then you can easily please her with antique engagement rings. You can find these rings in an antique shop. These rings come from eras that date back to a century or fifty years. As you shop for antique rings you will note that most of the rings are from three major eras called Edwardian, Victorian and Art-Deco.

Antique engagement ring

Before you enter a shop, we advise you to have some pre knowledge about the eras as each one had its own specialty of making the rings and the way of molding a gem. You can judge the ring if it comes from a certain era or not. With a sound knowledge, you are also able to avoid buying a fake or replica ring from the shop. Make sure that you buy antique engagement rings from a well know shop if you can not decide if the ring is genuine or not.

All About Vintage Engagement Rings

Selected rings that come from past decades and eras with prices ranging from inexpensive to very costly are called vintage engagement rings. These days though, the term vintage can be applied to rings that are not necessarily genuinely old as they can be recreated from the genuine ones. Each era or time period has unique designs. In the world of jewelries, these eras are Georgian, Early Victorian, Mid Victorian, Late Victorian, Arts and Crafts era, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco and Retro. Vintage engagement rings may come generally from1930s to 1950s.

vintage engagement ring

Edwardian era of 1905 to 1915 brought filigree wedding rings into fashion as they are characterized with intricate designs scrupulously made by hand. These vintage rings become very popular during the Art Deco time of 1920s to 1930s. To this date, nothing can compete with the idea of romanticism and fine design that has made filigree rings still in fashion.

In selecting the right vintage engagement ring, be very thorough in examining its designs which are usually very complex and full of stones embellishment. Check to see if they need routine repairs and keep in mind of the extra cost for maintenance.

A vintage engagement ring that is made of gemstones is way delicate and easily affected by time and exposure to the harsh uses of every day life. As the rings may be old, and it is alright to ignore tiny flaws that they may exhibit due to test of time. Old rings are usually loaded with dusts and oils and this can be removed through the cleansing service that can be requested from the jeweler.

To know the worth of your vintage engagement ring, you can get a trusted jeweler to appraise it and if it is needed, you can also insure it. The delicate nature of vintage rings calls for the best care to be given to maintain them. It is best to not wear them while cleaning or engaging in sports or yard work activities. Have a jeweler examine the ring regularly to check for bent prongs, loose settings and other damages. Avoid over-the-counter cleaning solution to clean your ring as they can be harmful to it. Get it done by a professional who knows the proper care of vintage rings in particular.

Vintage engagement rings that are recreation of the old antiques are affordable. They imitate the intricacy of the old rings design with new bands and stones. As they are new, they offer the higher quality and durability as the materials used today are sturdier than the ones used decades ago.

Proper care that is given to maintain vintage engagement rings keeps them longer lasting. Whether they are the true antiques or imitation of the original, vintage engagement ring has a kind of timeless quality to it. They symbolize love with far more depth than what modern rings can offer. These rings are cherished and passed down for generations.