Always Go for the Ultimate Engagement Rings

We all know that gifting engagement ring is the most polished and sophisticated means of displaying one’s love. And yes, diamond engagement ring is a sweetheart for every woman. Gifting diamond engagement rings is not a new concept, but started centuries back.
Saphire engagement ring
But when we actually go to buy a ring, what baffles us the kind of metal to be used for the band of the engagement ring. To be precise, silver is a rejected metal. People generally prefer gold, let it be white gold, yellow gold, or platinum.

It is often seen that people are always confused between white gold and platinum. They often take white gold for platinum. Let’s first understand what white gold is all about. White gold is the same, what we call yellow gold, but is mixed with various other metals. Zinc and alloy are mostly mixed with yellow gold, to give it the white color. To give gold a forever white color, a metal known as Rhodium is used.

As a metal, Rhodium is similar to Platinum in numerous ways, except the permanency factor. Platinum is the most durable metal. Thus, in case of white gold, you need to send your diamond or vintage engagement ring for replating ever year or so, or else your ring will loose its whitish color.

But in case of platinum, you can expect that permanent white color on it. Moreover, platinum is heavier than gold and is durable in many aspects. It is also less subtle than gold. If you are planning to gift a diamond engagement ring platinum, you can be tension free, as you need not send your ring for polishing or replating now or then. So, you can be assured that the engagement ring of yours will never get parted from your lover.

Thus, in case of engagement rings, let it be diamond engagement ring, vintage engagement ring, antique diamond rings, diamond solitaire rings, discount diamond rings, designer engagement rings or cheap engagement rings, you have two great options for metals. White gold and platinum give the same kind of appearance to your ring. So if you want to stay within your budget, then you can go for white gold. And if its durability is what you are looking for, then stick to platinum.

After all, what is above all is love. Engagement rings are just a means to show it. Let it be white gold or platinum, if you know the taste of your lover, you will succeed in vowing her with the ring. After all engagement rings are inevitable part of a girl’s life.

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