How much carats is enough for diamond engagement ring?

This is the question I hear a lot lately. People are anxious to know how big should stone be for the perfect diamond engagement ring but unfortunately there aren’t exact measures that would suggest that you should go for certain size. When it comes down to jewelry personal choice is only thing that really matters, after all you’ll going to wear the ring, and not me or anyone else giving you advice. However there are some things that could help you choose the right one, but like I said before final decision is strictly yours.

First of all, take a look at the size of your fingers, and your hands when deciding about the right size of your stone. If you have very small hand, and tiny fingers anything above 1,5 carats may look a bit too big for my liking. But I’ll say it again that’s my opinion, if you really want the bigger stone take it, after all you’ll going to wear it and not me. Average diamond size in diamond engagement ring is somewhere around 1 carat, but who says you have to be average? Choose what you like the most.

ideal diamond engagement ring with big stone

There’s also the question of where does the "respectable zone" start for your stone. In most cases this is somewhere around half carat, so having half cart diamond shouldn’t get you embarrassed in front of your friends, unless of course they are really rich friends. But carat is not all, the actual size of your diamond is really matter of illusion depending not only upon diamond weight, but also of cut, and the size and shape of your fingers. For instance emerald cut will appear longer while Asher cut will appear much smaller for same size in carats. What you really need to do is put the diamond ring on your finger and see fro yourself how does this look like. If you’re happy that should do it, if not change what you don’t like. Skinny fingers do not require big stones while large size fingers need bigger stones or otherwise diamonds look fairly unnoticeable.

For instance one of my friends shave skinny fingers and she has a 3/4 of carat which she believes is perfect for her, while other with similar fingers has stone twice the size, namely 1,5 carats. They have different tastes, and this what determines the outcome of how your diamond engagement ring will look like. It comes down only to this, and of course the money because these babies are not cheap. But hey you only marry once, don’t you?