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Tips on Buying Engagement Rings

An engagement is an occasion of a lifetime, therefore when you gift an engagement ring to the woman you love, you want the ring to be just perfect. Inspire her for the rest of her life with an engagement ring that fits perfectly at that perfect moment.

Decide What Looks Best on Her:

During your days of courtship pay attention to what jewelry she wears everyday. Know her liking for a specific metal or a particular stone. As a rule most women prefer either yellow or white metal, and want an engagement ring to match her likes. As for her ring size, ask somebody in the family for her ring size or at best ask your date for a spare ring!

How to buy best engagement ring

Knowing the Ring:

Each ring has a special personality, different setting and is made of many distinct elements. Determine which type of ring suits the style and taste of your loved one; this will help you make the right selection. A ring can be said to have four distinct parts:

Setting – The setting holds the center stone or stones. You should select a strong precious metal so that the stone remains set for a lifetime.

Stone or stones – They will account for nearly 90% of the overall cost for the ring and should be certified.

Ring band – It is the part that will endure the most wear and tare over time since it’s in constant contact with the finger skin.

The stamp – It is essential to check the stamp as it signifies the type and purity of the metal.

How to Choose your Jeweler:

Always purchase your engagement ring from a reputed jeweler.

Although the person at the counter will help you in making the right selection and provide answers to your questions, the more you know about jewelry the better equipped you will be.

You should be able to describe your requirements as many jewelers can order customized designs to suit your requirements.

While choosing a ring you will surely face decisions regarding the metal, shape of the stone, and the setting style.

You can always negotiate with the store about the size, brilliance, and number of stones. But there shall be no compromises if you want to choose a rare, pure and everlasting nature of setting.

A reputed store will provide Extensive Guarantee like: when you want to change the engagement ring purchased, you can receive an exchange or refund for your ring or if the diamond is lost from its original setting, in spite of the guarantee then it shall be replaced free.

Many jewelers provide the customer with an Insurance Replacement Estimate, which includes a quotation of the marked selling price and a description of your ring. Should you lose your ring, this estimate will gratify the insurance company`s appraisal requirements needed to ascertain a premium and settle claims.

When you have the perfect way of paying for your ring, it becomes much easier to choose the perfect piece and pay for it. Look for special offers and easy payment facilities.

It is not over once the purchase is done. Precious jewelry also needs lifetime care to keep it perfect and shining over time, just like your love. Ask the store for a Lifetime Care Plan. This plan should allow you free servicing of the ring as and when necessary.

The Fairytale of Diamond Engagement Rings

As most of you know and would have experienced, an engagement is one of the happiest and exciting moments of your life. A lot of effort is put into making this day a memorable one.


diamond-engagement-rings1 The Fairytale of Diamond Engagement Rings An engagement ring symbolizes a promise made to your partner. It strengthens a relationship and helps you proclaim to the world about the arrival of your better half. Diamond engagement rings help you proclaim your love in the most priceless and precious way.

A treasured diamond engagement ring will surely make your partner exuberant and she will cherish it her whole life. With this ring you offer your partner a dream to live together forever and the strong commitment of your love for her. Diamond engagement rings symbolize strong emotions of honor, commitment, loyalty, and everlasting love.

Engagement rings honor the union of two hearts. Right from ancient times it upholds the value of eternal togetherness.



The engagement ring has a fascinating story behind it. Let us find out why we wear an engagement ring?


In ancient times an engagement ring was worn to indicate that a girl was about to get married. In today’s modern times, it shows the acceptance of a marriage proposal. An 

engagement ring is normally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand or on the ring finger. Over the years it has become a beautiful tradition and has a lot of fond memories attached to it.

This custom symbolizes the first step that a couple has made to commit their lives to one another and the future that lies ahead of them. A well designed ring along with precious stones, pearls, and other gems will always be treasured by your partner and it will be a constant expression of your love for her.


A solitaire diamond engagement ring will be the most special way to convey to your friends and family that you love someone and are completely committed. Solitaire diamond engagement rings can add that unique touch to your engagement day as it will be a reminder of the commitment and love for your partner.

A solitaire ring gifted to your loved one will hold a special place their lives. It is a very graceful piece of jewelry which will touch their heart in the most unique and special way. Diamond engagement rings are powerful symbols of celebration, commitment, faith, prosperity and love. The essence of your love is expressed exquisitely through a brilliant solitaire ring adorned with platinum, gold or silver.

Unlike in earlier days were diamonds were reserved for the affluent, diamonds today are an accessible luxury. Diamonds are the most valued possessions and women love to wear them because it makes them feel unique and special. A heart shaped solitaire engagement ring is a perfect gift for that once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

You can gift her with a unique ring that expresses your thoughts and promises made to her. The ring solemnizes your true love and reminds you of it when it is worn. Diamond engagement rings show the love and affection of the giver. A solitaire ring that is adorned with gemstones will make her feel out of the ordinary.