The most expensive diamond engagement ring.

There are some diamond engagement rings that have a price significantly bigger than for instance price of your house. Just one of these diamond rings is really enough to buy you a mansion but yet there are certain (extremely rich people) that still spend absurd amounts of money, in most cases just to show off and show their status. Weak reason to buy one but hey diamond industry isn’t complaining. On the contrary.

diamond engagement ring

There are lots of celebrities out there that splash the cash just to show their status by choosing really big diamonds, and really expensive diamond engagement rings. Celebrities are also creating trends about what is currently in and out, which in the end tremendously affects the price of expensive diamonds. The latest hit are colored diamond because they are usually very rare. The rarest the more expensive, and the more expensive the more it shows person status so celebrities are really crazy about these diamonds. Most popular are pink and blue diamond that are really extremely rare and have enormous price tags. In some cases the price per carat is even bigger than $200,000, and the record breaking price per cut was staggering $1,349,752 per carat for flawless vivid blue diamond that was recently sold by Sotheby’s.

Really expensive engagement diamond rings usually have platinum as preferred metal because platinum is the strongest and most durable metal, not to mention that it holds brilliance much longer than for instance white gold that needs to be re-plated after some time. Antique engagement diamond rings are also famous for being extremely expensive, especially if we are talking about certain unique details in design that make those diamond almost priceless because certain designs cannot be replicated today, and uniqueness has its own extremely high price.

In case you want a real example of what celebrities are ready to do to show their loved ones that they really mean business when buying diamond engagement ring then you should look at let say Donald Trump. Good old Don did its wedding proposal in real stile when he propose Slovenian model Melania Knauss with the flawless 12 carat diamond engagement ring worthy of $2 million. How to say no this?