Top Metals For Male Wedding Bands

A wedding ring or wedding band is worn on the base of the left ring finger to symbolize marriage and to indicate a marital commitment to fidelity. European tradition encourages the engraving of the name of the spouse and date of marriage on the inside surface of them in order to strengthen the symbolism and sentimentality of the ring. Wearing of rings symbolizes the couple’s eternal love for each other.  It has also become a matter of tradition and etiquette for couples to wear them beyond the ceremony of marriage.

Wedding rings for man

Today there are many Choices for Men!

Traditionally, men’s gold rings were the only type of bands available for men who are getting married. The only option available for them was the choice of yellow gold or white gold. Still, it was gold. The world is evolving and now you will find many options from which you can choose while shopping for men’s rings.  Today a new groom can choose a ring that compares to the beauty of that of his bride’s rings. Fashion jewelry has now caught up with the men folk of the world. Grooms can now choose from a wide variety of options such as diamond rings or bands braided in gold or finished in satin polish.  Whatever style of personality a groom has, he can find a perfect ring for himself

Hard metals have become all the rage in men’s rings, such as those fashioned of tungsten carbide although there are still those who prefer softer metals such as gold or silver.  For added comfort, wedding rings must have rounded edges or arced surfaces. The most popular metals for men’s rings include:
Gold – It used to be the only type of metal. Even with the proliferation of other precious metals, gold remains the leader for the most popular type to wear.

Silver – Silver is one of the most popular soft metal rings. It is comfortable to wear and less expensive than is gold and various other trendy material for men.

Platinum – Platinum is a metal that is more precious than gold. It was once considered to be a metal fit for a king.  It is one of the most popular choices for men’s wedding rings.

Tungsten Carbide – It is the hardest metal to be used in jewelry. It is stronger than titanium and has a very masculine feel.  Tungsten rings are built to last a lifetime; the only rings that will last as long as your love. They are free of cobalt binders are truly first class.

Titanium – Titanium is lightweight yet sturdy and considerably lighter than tungsten. Titanium rings are very durable and a very much comfortable to wear than tungsten carbide or stainless steel rings.  They also wear much better than gold.

Palladium – It is a naturally occurring precious metal that is more rare than gold.  It is hypo-allergenic, nickel-free and does not need rhodium plating.This is a popular choice for anyone who has allergies to other types of metal.

Stainless steel – Most stainless steel rings are made of surgical steel and are comfortable to wear on the finger. They are suited for active mean and wear much better than soft metals like gold.

Precious metals seem not enough for men’s rings. People want a little sparkle resulting to diamonds being incorporated into it.  Men no longer have to be contented with plain. There are lots of diamond options, which come in so many designs to complement the unique personality of the man wearing it.