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Vintage Engagement Ring For Beauty And Style

Vintage is often a term that is used when describing fashions from the past that aren’t quiet at the level of being considered antiques but are still classics. Vintage engagement rings can be from any time period considered to be more modern than ancient, typically from the early 1900’s to the retro period of even into the 1970’s. 

Determining if engagement rings are vintage or not depends on the year that the ring was made as well as the elements of the ring design. Most rings considered to be vintage will have a combination of yellow and white gold in the band and setting. There are some vintage rings that are made of platinum or some with one metal only. 

gold vintage engagement ring

Narrow bands at the back widening to larger settings at the front of the engagement rings from this time period are very common. Generally if the band is two tone, the white gold will be located on the front of the ring to provide reflection for the diamonds and add to the overall design. Mountings and settings were commonly done in white gold during the early 1900s and continue to be very popular. 

The stones in vintage engagement rings tend to be somewhat smaller than are seen in many of the new diamond engagement rings however they are also more of the moderately large stones. Often other gems are also combined with diamonds in beautiful settings that highlight both the diamond as well as the surrounding gems. 

For those vintage rings with a single, larger diamond a cushion cut diamond is very popular. Engagement rings with this type of diamond cut tend to be simple yet elegant and true classics. Cushion cut diamonds can be oval to rectangular in shape and provide a softer overall appearance to the ring than round or princess cuts. 

Historically the name for cushion cut diamonds was candlelight diamonds. This is because lighting was from candles and the beautiful cut of the diamond gives off a soft, firely glow in any type of direct or diffuse light. Typically shapes for the cushion cut diamonds include oval to rectangular with rounded or blunted corners. 

Open, long facets on many of the diamonds on older engagement rings give a unique light reflection to the interior. The colors are still vibrant and there is fire, it is just less sharp. Many people see these types of cuts as very romantic looking and may be enhanced on the band with smaller diamonds. 

Looking at all the detail and filigree work on some of the older vintage engagement rings will help you gain an appreciation of their beauty. If you are designing your own engagement rings or wedding set you may want to incorporate design ideas from some of the vintage sets you view.

Blue Topaz Engagement Rings

As a gemstone lover and mineral collector with lengthy experience, all of the time I urge people not to select jewelry based on their visual charm, but to consider stone’s healing and spiritual features. This is a great deal true when we talk about jewelry adorned with topaz gemstones, and even more in the case of blue topaz engagement rings. In the following article I will talk about how to discern, choose, and treat blue topaz engagement rings, but in addition to that I’ll consider the meaning and properties of this significant gemstone and beautiful mineral.

Blue topaz engagement ring

People would like to believe that wearing engagement rings, either without any gemstones or adourned with blue topaz crystal and other precious stones, is an antique tradition. This is not true and this habit is quite novel and fresh, dating several hundreds years ago. Today, we see new tendencies in the jewelry manufacturing involving not so much diamond engagement rings as other semiprecious and precious gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, greened amethyst, and, ever increasingly, blue topaz. Blue topaz can be mixed both with silver, gold, or white gold, but when considering engagement rings, the obvious choice should be gold. Gold is one of the most noble and most spiritual metals, and it indeed your engagement ring should be made from this Sun metal.

The hardness of blue topaz is quite high – around 8 and this implies extended strength and durability of your blue topaz rings. Topaz crystallizes in beautiful crystal designs which can be terminated with nice pyramidal formations at both ends. Considering the color, we speak of imperial topaz if the stone is of golden or yellowish color, or white topaz if the stone is clean and transparent. Genuine, original blue topaz crystals are rather uncommon. What can be found today on the jewelry markets are mostly man-made artificially colored gemstones. They are produced by using the process of irradiation on white transparent topaz stones. Due to the increased requirements of the markets for blue topaz, the cost of white topaz has climbed up considerably. One has to have in mind that the results of this laboratory manipulation are indeed astonishing, and blue topaz gemstones are really magnificent, ranging from light-blue to darker blue hues that scatter the incoming light no different than diamonds. 

In spite of the large hardness, you should nevertheless be careful when handling your blue topaz engagement ring, since the elevated hardness is only a measure of its resistance to scratching. Day to day wear is no problem, but if dropped it might still break. You can cleanse your engagement ring at your local jewelers but if you prefer doing it at home, you can put it in luke-warm water with soap for some time and wipe with soft textile. Topaz of gemstone quality can catch light like a delicately cut diamond. If you choose an engagement ring with blue topaz gemstones, you should also know that the deep and rich shades of this stone require suitable support stones, not always diamonds or zircon stones. Possessing a delicate taste for colors is critical when matching gemstones and various types of jewelry, especially considering the various nuances and clearness found in blue topaz jewelry. You should think of expanding your jewelry collection in case you have problems combining your blue topaz engagement ring with other jewelry items.
blue topaz engagement ring
Topaz is a November birthstone. The metaphysical meaning of engagement rings in general is quite clear: they are tokens of love, and everlasting commitment of two persons. Blue topaz on the other hand is the best stone to promote leadership and inspire personal growth. This stone is great for expression of our own abilities and communication skills. Blue topaz bestows emotional balance, creative thinking and calm. The blue color of the blue topaz engagement rings also gives us a feeling of belonging to Nature and to our surroundings .