Buy Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

The most famous diamonds in the world are colored diamonds, why not an engagement ringin your country? You can use a yellow diamond as the diamond from Tiffany, or perhaps a blue like the Hope Diamond. Another popular color is pink. Are, in fact, colored diamonds, a trend among celebrities and ordinary people.

colored diamond engagement rings

In addition to the purchase of a colored diamond for your ring may be a better investment. The diamonds have a color scheme specific financial records. In over 30 years, the value of colored diamonds has not decreased at the wholesale level. Have, in fact, blue and pink diamonds doubled every 5 years in a strong economy. When you invest in a diamond of color can make a murder, in fact, it could drop a high quality blue diamond for $ 50,000 in 1970 and that the same stones in the year 1970 would be a value between 2 and 3 million adults have today ‘today!

While natural colored diamonds are very expensive, gemologists have developed new ways to create versions that are affordable for ordinary people. They do this by less desirable diamonds with radiotherapy, followed by heat. This process is surprising, yellowish-brown diamonds and beautifully colored diamonds that you can afford. It may also beautiful colors green, blue, yellow, red, purple, and others. Although these colors are as durable, there is a possibility that could change during repairs, with great heat.