How To Select Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

When you buy an engagement ring with a colored diamond stone, you should assume that any remotely accessible has been processed. If you are unsure, look at the origin of the stones and you are asking for a certified laboratory to verify its authenticity.

Red Colored Diamond Engagement Ring

A different kind of diamond color that is available, is a synthetic colored diamond. They are real diamonds, which are grown in a laboratory. As she grew up, to simulate the natural dyes and the formation of diamonds. The natural colored diamonds, fancy color get various trace elements such as nitrogen and other minerals that are present in the rocks. Lab created diamonds can be colored during its formation by exposure to radiation. An example of a diamond affected by radiation is a green diamond.

Another possibility, a diamond’s natural color is by its inclusions. It is interesting that the inclusions are regarded as defects of a diamond is colorless and very unpleasant, but a colored diamond inclusions give unique and brilliant colors, and flashes are desirable.

If you remember your store engagement ring, the fact that natural color diamonds are extremely expensive, fancy, and every color diamond, the label that is sold as a natural color diamonds, also accompanied document, issued by a laboratory, the criteria meet for classification as such.