The Classic Look Of A Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Emerald cut diamond rings are diamond rings that have a classic look of a rectangular stone. They feature diamonds clarity and color. Emerald cut diamond rings have a sleek and elegant design. These rings are beautiful and basically affordable.

emerald cut diamond engagement rings

Diamonds are designed, styled or cut in a variety of ways. When we talk about diamond cuts, we mean the right proportions of the diamond such as depth, width and uniformity of facets. These facets control the brilliance, durability and other features of a diamond. Remember a diamond cut does not, in any way, refer to the shape of the stone. That is why it is very important to have a good diamond cut because without it, the diamond will not sparkle even if it possesses outstanding color and clarity.

The emerald cut, the most popular cut, is an example of a rectangular cut. It is a rectangular step cut with trimmed edges. It is called step cut because its broad, flat planes resemble staircase steps. This diamond cut contains square or rectangular gem girdle outline with steps of elongated facets parallel to the girdle, also at the corners and the sets on each four sides.

The name emerald cut was derived because of the traditional usage and reference to emeralds. One of the most famous emerald cut diamond rings was worn by Lady Camilla Bowles, new wife of Prince Charles Windsor of Great Britain. This cut has a subtle and understated look with less flash ” a reflection and refraction rather than the brilliant cut of a diamond.

Emerald cut has a sophisticated appearance, which quickly led it to be a popular choice for diamonds. Emerald cut diamond rings are beautiful, and at the same time, affordable choice especially for an engagement rings. Emerald cut diamond rings are often paired with accent stones, particularly tapered baguettes and other emerald cuts due to their elongated shape.