Sapphire Engagement Rings as an Alternative to Diamond Engagement Rings

Often people get confused that engagement rings must have a diamonds.  Diamond engagement rings are the most traditional and often used. It has its reasons of course. Diamond gives a sparkle like no other gemstone and is the most precious gemstone. However, diamond engagement rings are not for everyone. Some women like color in their rings, and some women just don’t like diamonds at all; you’d be surprise to know that some women really don’t, like Gali and Inbal!

pink sapphire engagement ring

Sapphire engagement rings are a good alternative for diamond engagement rings for some people. Sapphires have different characteristics than a diamond; sapphires are the second strongest gemstone, diamond being the first of course. Sapphires have a hardness of 9 on the mohs hardness scale, whereas a diamond is a 10. Sapphires come in many pretty colors, like yellow, pink, orange, brown, purple, but the main color is blue. Blue symbolizes loyalty and indestructible trust, but at the same time gives the impression of love and longing. The perfect message a man could give to their soon-to-be bride.

Often, people would mix sapphires with diamonds on their engagement rings. It’s perfectly normal for a person to have a sapphire ring instead of a diamond engagement ring. I’d say, you should buy and wear a ring that you truly love and what fits your personality the best.

pink sapphire and diamond engagement ring

You must be very careful when you choose a sapphire. A lot of sapphires have been treated to enhance the gem, such as irradiation, heat treatment, dyeing and coating. The most valuable sapphires are deep and pure blue, and do not change color when moved into a different light. Stones that are too dark or too light are of less value. 

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  1. Bling Envy

    Royalty has preferred colored gemstones for centuries and it’s easy to see why when looking at these gorgeous rings!!! I realized at a young age that the only rings I took notice to or had any interest in were the European rings that were so unique and always had a vibrant burst of color! America is the only sucker that falls for that DeBeers’ nonsense! Sure diamonds are great….As accent stones! I myself have a 5ct aquamarine on a bed of micro pave diamonds and it is truly breathtaking! My FI had it made from Carats & Colors and there is not a tiny one carat diamond that can even come close to it’s beauty!

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