What the Most Beautiful Engagement Rings in the World Have in Common

While for sentimental reasons, the most beautiful engagement rings in the world need only to share the right intent, when it comes to aesthetic beauty there is just something deeper that we seek. Whether looking at a celebrity ring, such as the breathtaking six carat pink diamond briefly exchanged between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, or a less publicized ring, there are a number of things that can place a ring among the world’s most beautiful.

One thing that can add to the beauty of a ring is standing apart from the crowd. While not all personally designed rings are beautiful, with many crossing the line into tacky or overdone, unique diamond rings are simply designed to stand out. In fact, many of the most beautiful engagement rings in the world were specially crafted for their recipients. While there are beautiful rings to be seen at many jewelers, there is nothing quite like a hand chosen, specially cut diamond in a personalized setting with hand chosen accents.

One of the most famous of these rings is the amazing 12 carat emerald cut given to Grace Kelly from Prince Rainier of Monaco. While after only a couple of dates the Prince presented Kelly with a proposal and a beautiful jewel studded friendship ring, he had seen what other Hollywood stars were wearing and had this beautiful ring handcrafted for the actress. It was worn in her last film, High Society, in which the actor looking at the ring (none other than Bing Crosby) quipped, “Some stone, did you mine it yourself?” To this day, the Cartier designed ring is highly replicated, standing the test of time as one of the most beautiful engagement rings in the world.

most beatifull engagement rings

While celebrity helps to make these rings well known, it is the rings themselves that are the true object of beauty. Rare stones and flawless diamonds always make for breathtaking rings. Colored diamonds and diamonds of unique weights and shapes are commonly considered excellent materials to create some of the most beautiful engagement rings. There are many rings that fit into this category, and perhaps what makes them the most special is that they are all so unique when compared to one another.

Some of the most beautiful engagement rings in the world use settings and stones that are hundreds of years old, while others take on a modern and almost futuristic appeal. The beauty of diamond jewelry lies in many areas. For some rings, beauty lies is exquisite simplicity, a flawless diamond in a simple but breathtaking setting. For other rings, there is an inherent beauty in the complexity of the piece, an almost mathematical appeal drawing the eye to the effect of a unique cut and the way it catches the light.

For other rings, the diamond is only an accent to an elaborate setting, a band created in a unique and remarkable fashion, symbolizing love, history, or even a devotion to art. Many rings could even themselves be considered works of art, so elaborately designed that even with pictures they are remarkably hard to replicate. For many people it is these unique and irreplaceable rings that are considered the most beautiful engagement rings in the world. This value is placed on them not for their material worth alone, but also for the inspiration and emotion that leads to their design, the creativity inspired by love and unable to be exactly duplicated.

It is important to mention that many of the most beautiful engagement rings in the world are not multi-million dollar pieces. Many a loving fianc? has worked with a jeweler to hand select brilliant and unique diamonds and jewels and to hand design a setting that is simple and extravagant all at the same time. A hand designed ring is in itself a work of beauty, and many of these well crafted pieces can stand the test of time against much larger and more expensive manufactured rings. There are a number of things that add to the value of any piece of jewelry, and intent and creativity are certainly two of the biggest factors when it comes to engagement rings.

Overall, it can easily be said that many of the most beautiful engagement rings in the world are custom pieces. Whether a gift from a regal Prince to a beautiful actress or a devoted laborer to his high school sweetheart, the simple act of designing a ring with the hope of capturing the eye and the beauty of the one you love is a significant start in creating a truly beautiful piece of jewelry. While setting and stone are highly important factors in the overall look of the jewelry, the intent with which it is created often inspires people to instinctively choose the perfect stones to celebrate the perfect love.

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    its by tacori i dont remember the style number but you can get it the way it is in the photo or with a halo setting as well. it also can be set to fit a cushion, emerald, or round cut. i considered this gorgeous ring myself but didnt feel the connection when i tried it on.

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