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Memorable Engagement Rings Of Jennifer Lopez

The world is still stunned by the Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony split.

The bright side is both will heal and experience love again at some point in life. I’m sure of it. An even brighter side is J Lo remains my engagement ring idol!

She’s been fortunate enough to rock some of the most beautiful, unique engagement rings in celebrity history! Remember the 6-carat pink diamond from Ben Affleck which set him back a cool three million dollars? And then the blue diamond engagement ring from Marc Anthony (oh yes, he would not be outdone).

The girl has class & stlye, she’s a survivor, and I’m sure her next relationship & engagement ring will take fabulosity to the next level.

So which is your favorite: the pink diamond from Ben or the blue one from Marc?

Jennifer Lopez Blue Diamond Engagement Ring from Marc Anthony


Jennifer Lopez Pink Diamond Engagement Ring from Ben Affleck

4 Tips Which can Help you Locate Low-cost Diamond Engagement Rings

Low-priced diamond engagement rings can not be that quickly found mainly because diamonds are effortlessly, really expensive and valuable in nature. Diamonds have generally been thought to get something that is just for people who are extremely wealthy and so many people keep away from diamond rings for his or her engagement. However, you’ll want to understand that nowadays it truly is feasible for even typical people to purchase these rings mainly because you would locate diamond rings which are within your budget assortment, are very good quality and therefore are also extremely stunning.

1. Obtain Respectable Stores for Buying Low-priced Diamond Engagement Rings

One of the most crucial thing is to locate sources which are reliable and legit so that you could locate rings which are very good quality. Buying a diamond ring from a retailer which is not reliable will only imply which you will waste your money on something which is not very good quality at all. You will find some very good shops on the net where you will can locate stunning rings on a low cost without acquiring to go for inferior quality diamonds or materials.

2. Understand what You ought to be Seeking When Buying Low-priced Diamond Engagement Rings

It truly is crucial to know how you could utilize the four Cs from the diamonds if you purchase cheap diamond engagement rings. Take into consideration the clarity, colour, carat and reduce from the diamond if you want to buy rings. In the event you search around, you will unquestionably be able to locate some places where you would locate diamonds which have some minor flaws in it for extremely reduced prices. You need to understand that the flaws are so minor that they can not be detected from the naked eye.

3. Know how to Use the 4 Cs in Low-priced Diamond Engagement Rings

Colorless diamonds are extremely uncommon and so you will locate that these are also extremely expensive. Generally, diamonds have brown or yellow tinge in them and these would those which are lower in cost and if you have a tight budget, these are those which you ought to be in search of. You will find also some cuts which are going to be much more expensive compared to others. Choose a diamond that has fewer cuts that reflect the light. Most people can not genuinely make out the difference and these diamonds will nevertheless search extremely stunning so they’re the correct choice.

4. Low-priced Diamond Engagement Rings Appear Attractive

Carat from the diamond can also be equally crucial. Take into consideration a diamond having a reduced carat so that you could lower the price from the stone and the ring. Bear in mind, that even diamonds which price reduced search extremely stunning and with the correct design, they will search absolutely marvelous. Go for any beautifully developed ring which has decent finishing. Low-priced engagement rings also search extremely elegant and stunning without costing you an excessive amount of. There are many places where you could get the most effective deals without acquiring to search around considerably and on the net will be the finest option.

Now which you know a few of the main aspects that affect cost, it is crucial to weigh these things to consider against your budget as well as your special someone’s personal tastes. If a lady loves a yellow-stoned ring, there is absolutely absolutely nothing incorrect with that. Be certain that whatever diamond engagement ring you buy also displays your fiancees’ personal tastes and desires for any stone and setting.

Realizing the fundamentals about diamonds, however, can allow you to avoid poor buys when you’re looking at diamond engagement rings. Be certain to obtain an appraisal of a stone prior to you buy, if feasible, and don’t forget the engagement ring is really a symbol of the dedication to each other, so quality ought to be of higher priority than size.