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Vintage engagement rings

Shopping for an engagement ring is a very exciting time in any relationship. Whether the groom-to-be is shopping alone or has taken along his bride-to-be, it is important that he be well informed about the wide variety of engagement rings available prior to making a purchase. Today, many young couples are purchasing vintage engagement rings. In recent years, antique and vintage engagement rings have become quite popular.

Undeniably Popular for Statements of Love

When inquiring about estate or vintage engagement rings, realize that this category refers to anything less than fifty years old. It many even refer to a used ring that was bought only one year ago. When discussing a vintage engagement ring, the term “vintage” is often a term used as a catchall that really means “old ring”.

Antique and vintage engagement rings are popular for many reasons; they are generally less expensive, well constructed, and once purchased they become an instant heirloom. These facts alone make the antique and vintage engagement rings an easy sell for most young couples that are just starting out and building a new future together. The idea of creating an heirloom for their future family increases the emotional value of the ring and the shopping experience.

Currently, the art deco style of engagement rings, made during the 1920-30’s is the most popularly purchased vintage engagement ring. Antiques rings from this time period reflect the geometric fashion trend that was so popular during this time in history. It is not uncommon to find vintage engagement rings that copy this bold style because it is still a popular fashion choice today. The distinction between antique and vintage art deco rings is that the antique was made during that time period where as a vintage ring is more likely a copy of that fashion statement.

Always Know What You Are Buying Before You Lay Your Money Down

When buying an antique or vintage engagement ring, always review any written description and gemologist reports thoroughly. Since antique and vintage engagement rings are often found in places such as estate sales, pawn shops, online auctions and antique stores and jewelers; you want to insure that you know all there is about any ring before you buy it.

Make sure that the seller of the ring is able to provide you with a detailed description of the vintage engagement ring including the 4-C’s of jewelry: color, cut, carat and clarity. These aspects of the ring need to be clearly addressed in the written document. It is also very important that the age of the ring, ring size, and current condition of the ring be mentioned in any written document. If it is at all possible, obtain a copy of the gemologist report as well.

Prior to payment, it is a good idea to establish what type of return policy the seller offers in case a problem should materialize with the ring. You want to make sure that your purchase is covered financially.

As you begin to shop for your engagement ring, remember that this is a very important symbol of your love and marriage vows. So, purchase the ring you fall in love with but be intelligent about the business aspect about the sale. Hopefully, this is the one ring you will wear for the rest of your life; make sure it will stand the test of time.


The Number One Choice for Designer Engagement Rings – Tacori

Buying an engagement ring is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make — financially and emotionally. This piece of jewelry will be the material embodiment of your love and marriage. You’ll look at it every day, so you need to love it as much as you love each other. With a purchase this important you want to get it right! Many buyers look for Designer rings for the luxury style they want, and to have a name behind it that they trust and feel comfortable with.

When surveyed in 2011, 1500 women across America choose one brand above all others as the ring they wanted, that brand was TACORI. So I looked a little closer at this brand to try to figure out why. What is so special about a TACORI ring? I already knew from my coworkers who are headed towards the aisle (and even a few who aren’t) that the rings torn from magazines and taped to their cubicle to ogle are always TACORI. So I decided to get a few ‘professional opinions’ from people in the jewelry industry. I asked a ‘jewelry specialist’ at a large chain of jewelry stores, ironically that store doesn’t carry TACORI, so he asked to remain anonymous. He said they are pretty much the best made products available, especially for the money. Another salesperson from JR Dunn Jewelers whospecializes in TACORI Engagement Rings told me that “The Crescent styles are the most popular, and the TACORI criss-cross 2565 in any shape or size is the most requested. The diamonds are chosen to be the best, with terrific fire and brilliance.

Diamond experts rate them as superior quality. These rings are hand-crafted by expert jewelers who specialize in engagement rings, which means the finished product is going to be perfect.” Maybe so, but no one would buy a perfectly made, high quality ring if it was ugly right? “TACORI is always at the forefront of style. Look at any magazine or article on trends for engagement rings, or especially at celebrity rings, because TACORI has a huge following in Hollywood. Chances are that famous starlet or mega movie star you read just got engaged is wearing a TACORI ring.” As they say “Every woman wants a TACORI ring but it seems they only end up on the fingers of the most loved.” I’m not sure if that’s true, but when I asked a coworker here who is ring shopping with her fianc? what ring she wants… you guessed it, TACORI. After all my research I think it comes down to one thing: these rings are just plain beautiful. If you’re lucky enough to get one, enjoy!