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Sapphire Tiffany engagement rings

Wedding rings have been a prominent tradition in society ever since the dawn of western civilization. Although diamonds will likely always be one of the hottest numbers when it comes to antique engagement rings, there are some new trends in the mix that might just sweep your lady off her feet if you’re thinking about tying the knot.

According to LA Times, one of the most popular emerging trends of 2012 is sapphire engagement rings, and the buzz definitely won’t stop with Kate Middleton, who wears Princess Diana’s eye-catching sapphire piece. These items are typically infused with either white gold or platinum, which provides an ideal complement to the deep blue of the colored gemstone.

You can wear sapphire blue every day,” Douglas Kazanjian, CEO of Kazanjian Bros., told the news source. “And you won’t have to worry about it clashing with what you’re wearing.”

With this in mind, you might want to consider endowing your lucky fianc?e with a lavish sapphire Tiffany engagement piece instead of looking into antique diamond engagement rings.

Not only can these colored gemstones be more unique, but they can also come at a reasonable price.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three stone engagement rings have three stones that most commonly represent the past, present and future. They are known to symbolize the power of love and there can be different combinations of gemstones to represent whatever you’d like.

These rings are also sometimes called trinity rings or trilogy rings – which is a religious reference, representing the Holy Trinity. People also buy these rings to celebrate a child’s birth or anniversary.

The common three stone engagement ring has a larger center stone with two accent stones. The accent stones are meant to enhance the overall look of the ring without being distracting from the center stone.

What would you buy a three stone ring for?

These natural blue sapphire side stones really help to accentuate the dazzling beauty of the diamond center stone and add a unique touch to this charming mounting.  Also by adding a smaller diamond on either side of the blue sapphire side stones it helps to further emphasize the allure of this magnificent ring.  The symmetry of the design creates a very streamline look that is strikingly pleasing to the eye and adds another element of proportion and glamour to the beautiful ring.