black diamond engagement rings

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Colourless diamonds have always been a popular choice for engagement rings. But, the trend is recently changing toward more exquisite gemstones in order to be different from the lot. Hence, more and more couples are opting for the eccentric Black Diamond Engagement Rings. For long, the colour black has been associated with devilish things such as witchcraft and wizardry. But still, people are going against these assumptions and choosing the black diamond to glorify their engagement rings as they are unique as well as beautiful.

Amazingly, according to the study of a lot of geologists, this gem is found only in a couple of places on earth. They are also never found in the traditional diamond mines. The black diamond hence is a very rare gemstone. Also, these gemstones are very hard to cut and polish. Unlike, other diamonds, which sparkle due to their transparency a black diamond shines only because of its cut and polish. This is because a true black diamond does not refract any light. This property makes them one of the most expensive diamonds in the market anywhere on the globe. That is why the Black Diamond Engagement Ring is probably worn by people who appreciate the finer things in life. It can be best described as the jewel worn by the very elegant and sophisticated.

black diamond engagement rings

Among black diamonds, the two most popular diamonds are:

  • The Black Orloff diamond – This diamond is mined and transported from India.
  • The Black Star – This diamond is found only in Africa and is relatively cheaper than the Black Orloff because of the cheap African labour.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings are not necessarily deep black in colour. There are various types of black diamond that come in various other shades of black as well. These shades range from transparent black, gray, a greenish tinge and the solid black. Some jewellers use these different shades intelligently to make beautiful rings. One of the beautiful orientations consists of a central diamond with a solid black colour and surrounding smaller black diamonds of a relatively different shade. This way the contrast that is brought out by the opposing hues is absolutely stunning.

The band of the Black Diamond Engagement Rings is also significantly important. Since, black is not an ordinary color for a jewel so choosing the right band becomes even more important. The technique over here lies in making a contrast to the appearance of the diamond so that its beauty is magnified. For this purpose most of the people prefer silvery hued bands made of platinum or titanium. However many jewelers provide the option of a gold band as well, for people with exclusive tastes.