Chocolate Diamond Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a fun, trendy, unconventional alternative to a traditional white diamond engagement ring, then a sparkling new chocolate diamond engagement ring may be just the thing for you.

Although these are popular with movie stars and entertainers, they aren’t all that commonplace yet among the rest of us.  So you can have a truly one-of-a-kind ring that will attract the eye of everyone who sees you.

Eye Catching Uniqueness

All of us are used to seeing bright shiny white engagement rings.   But what really grabs our attention is when a ring brings a new and different look to this precious symbol of blossoming love.

Heart Shaped Chocolate Diamond Ring

When you select an engagement ring with a chocolate diamond, you are making a bold statement of individuality and beauty for you and your union together.

The rich brown color of chocolate diamonds is about as dramatically different from traditional white diamonds as you can get in the diamond family.  These brown diamonds offer a unique and subtle sparkle that many have never before seen.

Color Range Of Brown Diamonds

Diamonds come in a wide variety of colors.  The color of the stone darkens from the pressure of the earth as they are being created when they are still deeply buried rocks.  Low color diamonds are the darkest of all, and these come in several different shades of browns.

Chocolate colored diamonds are a specific shade range of deep dark brown stones.  In addition, there are other colors of diamond in the family of browns and golds that manufacturers refer to with such names as champagne, clove, honey, and cognac.  These range in lightness and subtle reddish or goldish tones.

“Chocolate diamonds” is a term coined by Le Vian jewelers used to refer to the deepest darkest of these stones.

Styles of Chocolate Diamond Engagement Rings

As with traditional white diamond engagement rings, you can select from a wide variety of different types and styles.  Characteristics include:

  • Shape of your stone or stones
  • Ring setting
  • Additional stones or details
  • Band metal and color

Three Stone Clear and Chocolate Diamond Ring

The choices are endless as when you consider what your preferences are in the shape of the stone, the combination with other diamonds or stones, color and metal of the band, and the overall ring design that pulls it all together.  You can find simple pretty rings for under $200, have one custom made for over $5,000, and anything in between.

One of the most elegant designs for a chocolate diamond engagement ring is using the brown diamond of your favorite shape as the centerpiece, highlighted by white diamonds around it.  This may be a three stone ring with just one white diamond on either side, or it might be a center stone surrounded by a circle of small sparkling white diamonds.

The rich coffee color can also be paired beautifully with the lighter blue color of aquamarine. These two colors together create a truly dazzling look.  And since it’s said  that the aquamarine stone symbolizes a happy marriage, this combination can be a perfect pick for a chocolate diamond ring.

Finally, the neutral color of chocolate diamonds makes them look great with bands of white gold or platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold.

Start your search online to get ideas.  Then visit a favorite local jeweler to try some on and see how they look on your hand and against your skin.  One of the best characteristics of chocolate diamond rings is that they tend to look vibrant and elegant with any skin tone.  Once you pick something out that you love, you’re sure to want to find chocolate diamond earrings and maybe a necklace to match.