Hello Kitty Diamond Engagement Ring

You lovers of one of the cartoon character Hello Kitty? If yes, then hello kitty diamond rings can be a choice as a wedding band or engagement ring, or it could be given as gifts.

Hello kitty may seem childish, but it never hurts to include one of your favorite cartoon character is the wedding or for everyday use. However, if you choose to use as wedding rings, make sure your partner really love this hello kitty diamond ring.

Hello Kitty brand was founded in 1975 and has since become an iconic symbol among women who represent the beauty and charm. Hello Kitty themed jewelry and others have sold billions of dollars annually, thus, there are many options when selecting hello kitty diamond ring.

There are several things you should consider before buying a hello kitty diamond ring, some of them:

Size – the size most commonly found among women is a size 7 for the ring finger. Jewelry stores will usually have a collection of size 7 for consideration.

Styles – There are various forms of Hello Kitty rings which you can choose accordance with your wishes. Some of them can be used for every day, and there is also a hello kitty diamond ring is more appropriate to wear on special occasions like prom night.

Price Range – Depending on your budget and intended use of hello kitty diamond ring. You can spend anywhere from just $ 200 to $ 4,500 for a beautiful ring hello kitty diamond ring with some details. If you’re curious about hello kitty diamond ring worth $ 4,500, it is made ??of pure 18K gold ring shaped like hello kitty’s face. There are many precious gems that have been used in this work, such as black Onyx stone is used as the eyes of the Hello Kitty. A golden citrine stone is used as a nose and a bow made ??of pink sapphires brilliant with the highest quality. The face is also coated with a beautiful diamond that added up to more than 1 carat in total weight.

Where to Buy Hello Kitty Diamond Ring?