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Unique Designed Engagement Rings

The upcoming months are always exciting: Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year and…engagements! In case your sweetie hasn’t yet made that pivotal purchase, we’ve got some unique designed engagement rings which are perfect for the unique and style-savvy bride-to-be! Danhov is a jeweler out of Los Angeles, but their pieces are sold in retailers across the country. The line recently launched their holiday collection which is geared toward the latest trends in fine jewelry.

Colored gems and unique metals like rose gold and black rhodium are predicted to be big hits this holiday season. If your gut is telling you that a proposal is on its way, be sure to get the word out as to what style of engagement ring is right for you. Perhaps one of these hand-crafted, unique designs will be just the ticket. Donhov is known for their rings’ signature “wrap around” design which requires each and every piece to be made by hand. Here is a small tasting of Danhov’s holiday collection:

This option is a variation of Danhov’s Abbraccio ring. The unique rose gold boasts warm tones which elegantly wrap dozens of diamonds throughout the ring and setting. Style number: AE Rose Gold.

From Danhov’s Couture Collection, the Palladium ring is a prominent emerald-cut yellow sapphire ring, surrounded by a halo of diamonds. This rings is ahead of the pack in the latest trend of engagement rings featuring colored gem stones.

Another version of Danhov’s signature Abbraccio ring is a sleek platinum band wrapped around a black diamond center stone. This ring will stand out from the pack! Style number: AE Black.

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, consider the Danhov Abbraccio ring which boasts three bands of white gold fused together. The bands weave in harmony to form the brand’s signature design and circle a diamond center.

Perfect for any bride, Danhov’s original and most popular design is a serious crowd-pleaser. The Abbraccio ring in white gold has a diamond studded band which weaves around a round-cut diamond center. This ring won “best bridal ring” at JCK 2011.


2013 Adelaide Engagement Rings Trend

Your Adelaide engagement rings must be a symbol of your love for your partner. They should bond you together and get you closer to each other. You should always feel the presence of each other through your Adelaide engagement rings. But what kind of an engagement ring Adelaide do you require? Do you require an expensive Adelaide engagement ring? Do you need to go with the most popular engagement rings?

Engagement Rings Adelaide

What is the Adelaide engagement ring?

The market is full of different designs and concepts. Sometimes it can become a little difficult to choose the right ring. There is way too much variety. So how can you narrow down your search for your Adelaide engagement ring?

Search for the most reputable stores in Australia. Once you find them, you will notice the difference between normal engagement rings and the engagement rings created through art. Most reputable engagement ring jewelers will have a large collection of different engagement rings. But almost all of them will be based on expressing love. Our engagement rings Adelaide are based on expressing love. How do our rings express love?

Expressing love through Adelaide engagement rings

Our rings are created using original concepts and ideas. The rings are created for us by our designer that exclusively work for our store. We have some of the most renowned designers of the world with us. We update ourselves with the latest and greatest crating techniques and methods. This allows us to create concepts using high precision tools and equipment. Our rings are perfect is shape and have flawless finishing.

Since they are crafted so well, the Adelaide engagement rings you buy from us are worth every single penny you spend purchasing them. They are durable and highly resistant to any wear or tear. So even after years of continuous usage, they will still be as good as new.

Engagement ring Adelaide

Adelaide Engagement ring

We also have a huge collection of the highest quality diamonds. Our team gathers these certified diamonds carefully from different parts of the world. Equip your engagement ring Adelaide with our flawless diamonds to enhance the overall feel of the rings.