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Hollywood’s stars engagement rings


Hollywood’s stars Engagement rings

Hollywood’s stars Engagement rings

Hollywood’s most glamorous young wives, for the most part, are flashing large (roughly three-carat to five-carat) diamond solitaires. But beyond that, the stars are making their own individual jewelry statements.
Katie Holmes, a k a Mrs. Tom Cruise, wears a five-carat ring with an Art Deco look, partly because of the platinum and rose gold band and the pav? setting. Scarlett Johansson’s ring is a three-carat round solitaire on a gold band. Victoria Beckham, the former Posh Spice, prefers the marquise shape: her three-carat diamond is on a platinum band.
“Desperate Housewives” sex symbol Eva Longoria goes her own way, with a ring of three emerald-cut stones (totaling five carats) on a platinum band. And Kathryn Heigl, from “Grey’s Anatomy,” wears a three-carat pear-shaped solitaire on a platinum band that is made partly from her own mother’s engagement ring.

Of course some people really enjoy flaunting it when they’ve got it. Catherine Zeta Jones’s antique ring is a 10-carat marquise solitaire. But it’s outdone, at least in size, by Beyonc?’s diamond: an 18-carat emerald-cut solitaire said to be worth $5 million.

These days, celebrity engagement rings get as much press as the leading ladies who own them! Now, thanks to online diamond retailer B2C Jewels, it has never been easier to steal a-list looks, for less. Shop their selection of engagement rings and loose diamonds or custom design your own ring, which is then handmade and delivered. B2C is getting ready to unveil a special section of the site that will sell their celebrity replica pieces. We spoke with B2C president Yomesh Shah about what to expect: 

Love Fergie’s classic cut?
“Fergie’s solitaire ring is very chic and classic. Hers boasts a 3 ct round, brilliant cut center stone on a platinum band.”  Estimated value:$75,000. B2C Fergie ring:  Platinum band with a more reasonable 1.5 ct round center diamond: $8,900. 

In tune with Ashlee Simpson’s vintage vibe?
” Ashlee Simpson has a very popular vintage style right now.  Hers appears to be a 4 ct Asscher cut center stone surrounded by smaller stones that can also be found on the band.  An Asscher cut diamond is a more rare cut, but you can achieve the same look for less with a princess shaped diamond.” Estimated value:$100,000. B2C Ashlee ring: 1 ct princess center stone with additional ? ct of accent diamonds. 18k white gold. $5,000. 

Are you an antique girl like Jenna Bush?
“Jenna Bush sets a new vogue in engagement rings.  Her antique ring features a 1.5 ct round center stone flanked by 2 smaller round sapphires.  We are seeing a trend in using colored diamonds and even gemstones in engagement rings now.” Estimated value: $30,000. B2C Jenna ring: 18k white gold band containing about ? ct diamonds.  Features a 1ct center diamond with two ? ct sapphires on the sides.  $7,700.  (This is a custom design – please allow 3 weeks for shipping.) 

Are you into elegant glam like Scarlett Johansson?
“Recently engaged Johansson received an elegant 3ct round cut stone set in a yellow gold pave band.” Estimated value: $90,000. B2C Scarlett Ring: Yellow gold band featuring 1/3 ct of accent diamonds and a 1 ? ct round diamond center. $9,300.  (This ring is custom ordered – please allow 3 weeks for shipping.)

Watch movement engagement ring

steampunk engagement rings

This is a beautiful Steampunk style vintage watch movement ring. Swiss made, 17 jeweled and a knockout clean piece. This has been mounted as the center piece onto an Owl silver ox finding – the "wings" of the owl are what make this exquisite and exclusive design absolutely stand apart from other rings.

The wing span is approx 1 1/2" wide – so this will really call attention to anyone who sees it and is so comfortable to wear. All the pieces come together to form a unique and gorgeous Steampunk ring.