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Rose gold engagement ring

Most Alluring Rose Gold Engagement Rings in 2016

Engagement season doesn’t get ended as it can be throughout the year; well every girl is crazy about her engagement most importantly about the engagement ring. To have beautiful ring couples have to search out the latest ring designs so don’t worry your problem has been resolved as we have created a series of rings in rose gold with best designs of the year. Rose gold rings for engagement and wedding are the first preference of every girl as this is trendy and fantastic with its pinkish tone.

This is something unique in red hue and different from white and gold. There is alloying some metals to get the pink hues mixed with gold so it is not purely gold but have great appearance and charm for young ladies. If the guys have chosen the perfect match for them then the next thing is to purchase an engagement ring so be selective when getting the style of ring and opt for the most new designs of 2016 which we have submitted in our collection.

The rose gold compliments every skin tone and a perfect match for ladies with the dusty red or pink tones. No matter a black or white wants this; rose gold ring is fit for both skin tones that gleam out the best looks. If you ask to your girl which design she likes most then it is preferable and suitable otherwise you can pick up one that you desire for. So be unstoppable having the one rose gold ring design from our collection and rock your engagement.

Twisted rose gold diamond ring:

1. Rose gold engagement rings collection

Get a twist with this twisted wine rose gold diamond ring for your engagement as it has the best appearance with enchanting hues of diamond. The delicate designing is fit for slim and healthy hands but make sure you have proper Mani cure before the engagement ceremony.

Tear drop diamond rose old ring:

2. Rose gold engagement rings collection

Tear drop stone or diamond rings are famous for their cool look and this rose gold engagement ring has the subtle effects of having tear drop design with crafting single shank. The 14k rose gold ring is affordable for any guy who wants to have this for his girl.

14k vintage rose gold ring:

3. Rose gold engagement rings collection

14k rose gold ring with round morganite has the best of best looks with ultimate shine. Twisted shank beaded with white stones while the series of beading around the head part of ring is highlighting its allure.

Radiant cut engagement ring:

4. Rose gold engagement rings collection

Simply the radiant cut stone engraved in rose gold ring is just gorgeous with its fancy touch. Any lady will gloom out her hand with the extra ordinary style and terrific shine of this ring on her engagement.

Rose gold beautiful engagement ring:

5. Rose gold engagement rings collection

Well this peg head rose gold ring has the crafted shank with intricate designing, simple but minimalist ring is wonderful to wear on engagement. The princess like style will be really noticeable for everyone who has a glam view of your ring.

Oval halo 18k rose gold ring:


The twisted shank and oval halo rose gold ring is just perfect for engagement; the 18k ring is filled with the white tiny stones that are highlighting the glam impressions. The engagement rose gold rings can also be matched with other formal or party wear dresses.

Diamond rose gold ring for girls:

7. Rose gold engagement rings collection

Pure rose gold 14k ring has beautifully designed with diamond stacking and the three head design is definitely making the expressions tremendous. Its delicacy can give the exquisite and terrific hues to any girl hand.

Most latest rose gold ring design:

8. Rose gold engagement rings collection

This latest floral design ring has the pure rose gold and even fancy impressions that are best to take for autumn season engagement ceremony. So own for this and make your moments remarkable, don’t forget to have dusty rose nail paint to have glorious hand impressions.

Five Alternatives to the Diamond Engagement Ring

1. Man-Made Diamonds

For the woman who doesn’t want a natural diamond, but doesn’t want to stray too far from modern tradition, man-made diamonds are an option.

While most people think of cubic zirconia when they think of synthetic diamonds, there are actually a couple different categories under this umbrella.

Cubic zirconia and similar materials like moissanite are considered diamond “simulants.” They look virtually identical to real diamonds to the naked eye, but are composed of a different substance.

The advantage of “CZ” (and other simulants) is that it’s significantly cheaper than real diamonds. But unless your lady is wholly on board with this option, I’d say it’s best to steer clear of it. Whenever people admire her “diamond,” she’ll be thinking to herself, “it’s fake,” which is a real romance killer.

Now the second choice in this category is much different – a more recently developed option I didn’t even know existed until I researched this article. These are “laboratory-created” or “cultured” diamonds. It’s not really accurate to call them “synthetic” because they’re created through an atom-by-atom crystal growth process that exactly duplicates the physical, chemical, and optical properties of naturally-mined diamonds. It’s impossible to tell the two apart unless one uses advanced spectroscopy. For all intents and purposes, a lab-created diamond is a diamond.

Because lab-created diamonds can be produced ad infinitum, their price is lower than natural, mined diamonds, though not by as much as you’d think; because De Beers has sensed that these lab-created diamonds may represent the wave of the future, they’ve already made moves to control the market and boost the price! They’re a good choice for a woman for whom “responsibly sourced” doesn’t go far enough, and who would like to further decrease her ecological footprint.

2. A Knot


A perfect option for a woman with simple tastes. What better way to show a lady you’re looking forward to tying the knot with her?



3. A Meaningful Gemstone


There is a world of beautiful gemstones out there beyond the diamond, and they each have a traditional meaning as well. So choosing a gemstone with a special significance to you and your girlfriend creates a unique ring with a built-in layer of meaning.

Here are the meanings of a few gemstones that may tie in particularly well with your unique relationship and the sentiment you wish to convey when you propose:

  • Agate: truth, protection, strength
  • Apatite: communication, and the blending of the old and the new
  • Aquamarine: courage to overcome fears, protection on journeys
  • Blue topaz: courage to overcome fears and obstacles — associated with fidelity, friendship, gentleness, and integrity
  • Garnet: passionate commitment and devotion
  • Onyx: thought to deflect the negativity of others — associated with determination and perseverance
  • Opal: love, passion, lightness, inspiration, creativity, and spontaneity
  • Pearl (pearls are organic rather than a gemstone): harmony, humility, purity, worth
  • Rose quartz: gentle love, peace, and calm — associated with the removal of negativity and the healing of emotional wounds
  • Ruby: friendship, fire, love, royalty, happiness, the opening of the heart
  • Turquoise: friendship — associated with nature (the blue sky and green earth)

Gemstones can of course be put in a variety of settings, and can be featured as a solitary stone or grouped with other gems. Here are two unique ideas we both especially like:



4. The Claddagh Ring


The distinctive Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring that is rich in history and symbolism. Dated to Roman times, it is rooted in European “fede rings,” which took their name from the Italian phrase mani in fede (“hands [joined] in faith” or “hands [joined] in loyalty”). The ring features two hands, a heart, and a crown — symbolizing friendship, love, and loyalty, respectively.

The clasped hands represent the pledging of vows, and Claddagh rings were used as engagement and wedding rings during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. They continue to be an appropriate choice for this purpose today – particularly for a lass with Irish heritage.

clad ruby

Traditionally, the ring is worn on the woman’s left hand with the point of the heart facing out when she is engaged, and then turned around to be facing her once she is married.

It’s also traditional for the expressions “This is my heart which I give to you crowned with my love,” and “Let love and friendship reign,” to be associated with the ring, so feel free to bust those out with gusto when you propose with a Claddagh. 

5. Family Heirloom


Before you plunk down some serious cash for a diamond ring or any of these other alternatives, check with your relatives to see if there are any heirlooms waiting to be passed down. Not only does this option save you some serious cash, but pieces with history are much more meaningful and significant. Even a diamond engagement ring that’s been in the family for generations becomes a lot more special than one purchased at Jared. My mother-in-law gave me a diamond engagement ring that had belonged to her grandmother to give to Kate when I proposed. It fit perfectly, and she loved it and wouldn’t have wanted anything else.