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Are Vintage Engagement Rings Trending in 2013?

It is rare for there to be a lull in the amount of brides choosing to have a vintage engagement ring, and present day is no exception. Though there is no way to recreate or mimic the beauty of a genuine vintage engagement ring, several companies are manufacturing reproduction rings to fuel the need in the current marketplace. Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough vintage rings to go around in the most popular styles that brides-to-be are craving. In the absence of a genuine artifact, a ring made to look like it is vintage is the next best thing and makes a very nice substitute.

Why Are Vintage Rings Popular?

vintage engagement ringsVintage style engagement rings are so popular because they embody the elegance and charm of a timeless era long gone by. While most brides would prefer to own a genuine vintage diamond ring, they can be expensive and hard to find. This huge spike in demand has caused many jewelers to design and craft rings done in the style of vintage rings but for a much more reasonable price.

Is It Always Diamonds?

Though diamonds are certainly the most common and popular choice for the main stone in any engagement ring, you don’t always need to opt for a diamond in your vintage engagement ring. Like any other style of ring, there are literally dozens of great gemstones that are perfectly suitable for such an elegant piece. In fact, many couples choose to have rubies, sapphires, emeralds, or other beautiful stones instead of diamonds to match their birthstones or the month in which they are married. If you are on a budget or are looking for something unique and colorful, gemstones are a great way to make your vintage engagement ring special.

Custom Vintage Rings

vintage diamond engagement ringWhile there are certainly thousands of classic styles of vintage engagement rings that many jewelers model their reproduction rings after, many quality jewelers are more than happy to create you a custom ring in a vintage style. Also called bespoke rings, a custom engagement ring allows you to add family diamonds, birthstones, and custom intricacies that you can’t find in a mass-produced ring. If you find a skilled jeweler with experience in making vintage style rings, they can work with your concepts and blend them into a design that harkens back to a previous era.

Whether you’re obsessed with the original Hollywood elite or just adore the look of vintage items, there is simply no substitute for a vintage-style engagement ring. With so many great designs and styles available on the market and the ability to have a custom ring made to your specifications in a vintage style, finding the perfect ring that looks much older than it is will be a labor of love.