Engagement ring FAQ

When you are getting engaged, or thinking about getting engaged, there are probably going to be quite a few things that you are thinking about, and you might even have some questions. Getting an engagement ring is something that is very meaningful and special, and so you want to be sure that you are prepared for it.

What Is An Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring is a ring that is given to someone when she is proposed to. Proposing is the official act of asking someone to marry you, and so when a person proposes, he puts an engagement ring on the finger of the one that he has proposed to. Traditionally, in the United States, the man proposes to the woman, and she is the one that gets the engagement ring. However, sometimes women do propose to men, and both parties might wear an engagement ring to signify that they are going to get married in the future.

What Does It Mean?

An engagement ring is the next step up from a promise ring. While the promise ring usually means that the couple is promising that they have a future together, an engagement ring is saying that they know that they do. When you wear an engagement ring, it means that you are promising yourself to someone, and that you have a wedding in the works. An engagement ring is one that really signifies that there is going to be a big change in your life, and that you have promised you are going to get married to the person that has proposed to you.

How Is It Different from A Wedding Ring?

An engagement ring is different from a wedding ring, as it does not signify that you are actually married. It only means that you are going to be married, and that you have promised the other person that you are going to marry them. Sometimes, you might not have set a date for the wedding yet, but other times, you might have actually set a date and you might be gearing up for the wedding itself. Either way, the wedding ring is what you wear after you are married, and the engagement ring is something that you wear while you are waiting to be married. Sometimes after marriage, people wear the engagement ring and a wedding band as a set.

Which Hand Is The Engagement Ring Worn on?

When you are getting engaged, in the United States, the tradition is the wear the engagement ring on your right hand. When you get married, you move the ring to your left hand. In other countries and other cultures, the wedding ring and the engagement ring might be mixed around, and might be put on other hands, but in the United States, the engagement ring is worn on the right hand, and the wedding ring is worn on the left hand.

Which Finger Do You Put The Engagement Ring On?

The engagement ring should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand. After you get married, you put the wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand, but while you are engaged, it should go on the ring finger of the right hand.

What Do You Do If You Expected Diamonds And There Are None?

Most people expect that there will be diamonds in the engagement ring, and this is actually the main tradition. Most of the time, people will buy diamond engagement rings, and won’t get rings with other stones. However, there are some people who might decide that they don’t want diamonds. If you expected diamonds but you didn’t get them, you should take a moment and really look at the ring. Many times, rings are very beautiful even if they don’t’ have diamonds in them, and even if it takes awhile for you to get used to the fact that there might not be diamonds in your ring, it might very well end up being worth it for you, because the ring could still be very spectacular for you. So, if you don’t get the exact ring that you wanted, take some time and see if you get used to it. Chances are that the person who proposed to you knew what they were doing, and you’ll grow to love the ring.

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