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Balancing Your Wedding – Amethyst Engagement Ring

Amethyst ring has not only been regarded to symbolize love and luxury. It is also really close to the other meaning for the material of amethyst. It is the gorgeous crystal which can be found in many stores in all over places in this world. Do you know why that this thing becomes very popular? It is the regarded as the thing of stone which can be used to deliver some metaphysics. Many people use this thing to show such special healing that will expose the spiritual method of healing for many people. This item of ring is aimed to make you feel calm and you will not get panic so easy. It is suggested for you to wear this ring since you want to find out such great feeling for the intuition. The material of amethyst will give you the better way for understanding such metaphysics things. You can understand those things easily with the material of the amethyst.

Hidden Facts about Amethyst Engagement Ring

3-stone-1-carat-amethyst-engagement-ring-for-womenHaving a a piece of amethyst that you place right next to your bed will affect to the gain for the better quality of sleeping for sure. Some persons will get the special impact since those persons are having this thing close by since this item is considered as the unique crystal. One of the popular ways to wear amethyst is by using this into a jewelry. It could be earring, ring, or necklace. The most common way is amethyst ring. This is one wonderful way of using its lovely energy. For the best option of meditation, the material of amethyst actually becomes the special stone that will show such great effect for making you feel relaxed. Talking about the origin for this amethyst stone, you can find some kinds of hidden facts for it. In Egypt, the stone was usually utilized for creating several other things. In the past, people used the stone for the option of alternative healing and it is believed that the stone has such special power. This special advantage of the stone is realized by many people, as it is exemplified by some important people who want to wear this amethyst ring.

Great Advantage of Wearing Amethyst Engagement Ring

It is totally great for you to get the possession of this unique stone, this stone of amethyst would be the right choice. It is obvious that this stone has some great things for the alternative healing item. The item is totally easy to get and many people will try the best to find this amethyst ring for themselves.  As you get the possession for the ring, it will be useful for your life. It will be gained such balance for your environment with the spiritual value that you have. The balance power among you and enviroment is the very good combination to make your life get easier and peaceful. No more addictions, no more anxiety, no more sad and confusion too much. Isn’t it so beautiful, peaceful, and happy if our life is full with good energy and balance emotional control? Amethyst ring will help you to balance and manage all over your feelings into good and well controlled. Now you can enjoy finding amethyst ring

March engagement rings – Amethyst

Looking to mine amethyst?

Or are you wondering where your piece of amethyst jewelry came from? The amethyst can be found in many countries, including but not limited to Vera Cruz Mexico where the stone will be a very pale purple, Guerrero Mexico where the amethyst will be a very dark purple, Brazil where the gem will be found inside volcanic holes and the stones are a medium purple, Canada where the amethyst may have a red tint and is found in ancient rock formations, Africa where the amethyst is large but not generally beautiful enough to make amethyst jewelry and in the United States where it can be found along the east coast including the state of Maine, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Amethyst serves as the birthstone for those born during March. Technically, amethyst is a variation of quartz that’s purple in color. In general, the darker its purple hue, the more valuable an amethyst stone will be.

The human affection for this gemstone dates back to at least 4,500 years ago to Minoan times. Amethyst is also featured in Greek mythology. According to legend, Bacchus, the Greek God of wine and frivolity, had made a promise to send tigers after mortals who dared cross him. A rival God, Diana, called his bluff by transforming a gorgeous young woman into a statuette of pure quartz. Upon seeing this amazing transformation, Bacchus repented and turned the lovely statuette a deep purple color. Amethyst was born!

diamond amethyst engagement ring

Curiously, amethyst has been long associated with wine and royalty in numerous cultures around the world. The Japanese word for purple, murasaki, is a synonym for royalty. Many in Medieval Europe believed that goblets adorned with amethyst provided protection against the ills of over-consumption of alcohol as well as proof against poisons. Amethyst was also said to protect against negative thoughts.

The biggest amethyst gemstone in the world weighs in at a whopping 343 carats, but smaller (and less expensive!) examples of the gemstone abound in jewelry, earrings, broaches, goblets, crowns, and other assorted treasures from throughout the ages.

Amethyst jewelry will be different in different part of the world. This is because the amethyst gem will vary depending on the location that it is mined. Certain mines will determine which shade of purple the amethyst is. In fact, the amethyst is so loyal to its original location that experts can look at an amethyst jewelry piece and know exactly which mine the stone came from. Aside from looking at the color of the amethyst jewelry, they will also pay attention to the shape of the stone and its particular features.