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Vintage Engagement Rings TimeLine

Planning on getting engaged? Why not consider a vintage engagement ring? Not only will it have an inherent uniqueness and charm, vintage engagement rings are typically less expensive, often have better craftsmanship, and are an instant heirloom.

A “vintage” engagement ring specifically refers to one over 50 years old. For the most unique and charming rings, ask to see rings made before 1950. Here are some classic styles of these antique engagement rings.

Art Deco Vintage Engagement Rings (1920-1930):  Art Deco antique engagement rings reflect the era with a streamlined geometric look. They also often reflect fashion trends of the era, with allusions to Egyptian, Asian, and Native American cultures. Art Deco rings are currently the most popular vintage engagement rings for newly engaged couples.

Art Deco engagement rings

Edwardian Vintage Engagement Rings (1900-1920): When the oxyacetylene torch was invented, platinum became the vogue metal for antique engagement rings. Jewelers began crafting lacy and pierced shapes, scroll work  and filigree detail on the mountings. Along with rose-cut diamonds, brilliant sapphires were especially popular during the Edwardian era.

Victorian Antique/Vintage Engagement Rings (1835-1900): often set in yellow or rose gold, Victorian rings have both simple elegant designs to very intricate ones. Cut with an extra facet on the bottom (Called “mine cut”). Many Victorian rings also include pearls. The classic Tiffany six-prong diamond solitaire was introduced in 1886!

Whenever purchasing antique jewelry, look carefully at the descriptions of each piece. Make sure they will give you, in writing, a complete description of the piece, including age, size, condition, color, carat, clarity, and cut.

Preferably, they will have a certified gemologists report for you. Make sure you know the return policy, should you be unhappy with your purchase. Vintage Engagement Rings can be found at a variety of places including antique stores, jewelers, estate sales, pawn shops and online.

How to shopping for an antique engagement ring.

Lots of the people who are getting wed nowadays are selecting either an antique or antique style engagement ring. Many times couples want this design style for their ring as it gives them something that is long-lasting and classy just like their relationship. Other times couples are just inspired by the romance and intricate designs found in antique jewelry. Antique styles of engagement rings are lovely artistic endeavors that show the style and sophistication of those who sport them.

ntique engagement ring

When looking for an antique style engagement ring you’ll have numerous different choices. Each different era will have its own unique look and design and you will have to determine which one is the best fit for your character. Jewels from the Victorian age can either be straightforward or quite intricate. Some pieces will include a diamond with an Old Mine or Old EU cut diamond whereas others will contain a row of smaller diamonds set among complicated metal work. The metal most often used for Victorian era engagement rings is yellow or rose gold. The Victoria time saw the first introduction of the Tiffany diamond solitaire which has become the standard for loads of engagement rings in our day.

In the early twentieth century white gold and platinum became more popular . Intricate filigree designs are a hallmark of the Edwardian style engagement rings. Filigree is a technique where the craftsman pierces the metal to make a complex open design. Rings for the Art Deco period regularly used geometric shapes with smaller diamonds set in steps along the sides of a focal point stone. During the 1930s and 1940s engagement rings regularly featured romantic feminine carvings and classy patterns.

When shopping for an antique engagement ring it is vital to make certain it is in good condition. Keep in mind that this ring will be worn all the time. This is the reason why so many people are opting to purchase antique style engagement rings instead. With a brand new ring you get the look of an antique without the worries about its state.