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Most Special Ruby Engagement Ring

There are no limitations to choices when choosing ruby rings for engagements. Most of the established jewelers offer a stunning range of beautiful designs in classic, contemporary as well as trendy styles. Perhaps it is easier to browse through internet jewelry shops and place an online order or walk into a reputed outlet and pick-up a ruby ring for the special day; but, to make it truly touching and special, the ruby engagement ring may be personally designed and crafted.

Ruby engagement ring

Besides the satisfying feeling of making an extra effort to design a ring for her, the entire experience from sketching the design to finally receiving it in hand is worth cherishing. Contrary to the popular belief that one needs to be well-learned about jewelry manufacturing to design one, it is much simpler. The most important factor is to identify a good jeweler who would be able to guide through the entire process with expertise and resources.

Best ruby engagement ring

Once the jeweler through whom the ruby engagement ring will be made is chosen, a design needs to be sketched. Having long been associated with her, one is most likely to understand her likes and dislikes with respect to rings. Specifically, one would know if she prefers simple elegant designs or if she finds spectacular rings more appealing. And, one would also know whether an understated white metal is her choice or a dazzling yellow gold metal. Keeping in view all such similar minutest details a ruby ring for her for the occasion may be sketched. It may not be easy to immediately design a ring, but, if time is spent leisurely to allow one’s creative juices to flow, a beautiful design will surface.

Importantly, when the ring is being drawn it is suggested that inputs may be taken from the jeweler who would be able to help in its practical aspects and also any improvements if needed. Depending upon her choice of shape for the ruby stone, the ring may be designed accordingly. Another very significant part in the process of designing ruby ring is to get the trial fitting done before it is finally crafted by the jeweler. This helps in avoiding any kind of re-adjustments or re-modeling after the ring is made. The comfort-wear aspect of the engagement ring also needs to be taken into account as she is most likely to wear it most part of the day and hence in no way the ring design should be obstructive in her doing daily chores.

Once the design of the ruby ring is finalized, the jeweler proceeds to make the ring exactly as per your specifications. Also, it must be ensured before hand that there is no ambiguity with respect to any part of the ring design to avoid any disappointments later on.
Within a few weeks, the beautiful ruby engagement ring exquisitely designed by you for her for one of her most special days in her life is ready for the occasion.

How To Choose Between Different Alternatives For Diamond Rings

There are various alternatives for the diamond. Today there two Diamond alternatives for the real diamond; one of them is moissanite and other is the cubic zirconia. Both of these Diamond alternatives have their own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the buyer to choose the jewel, so that it suits their budget and fulfils the desire of the real diamond. Normally these diamond alternatives are manufactured either from moissanite material or from the cubic moissanite jewel. There is a diamond alternative for the pure diamond and that is a diamond hybrid in which both jewels are used in gold diamond wedding ring. Engagement rings are cheap in price and with beautiful designs, at the same time they are just as attractive in nature when compared to diamond rings.

cubic zirconia engagement ring

These diamond alternative or the diamond hybrid rings can be of platinum metal and are loved by women! Platinum rings are commonly worn all over the world. Even though platinum is slightly higher in expenses but has longer lasting capabilities when compared to the other metals such as gold and silver. Diamond hybrid rings are suited for all the occasions and functions.

The other stone that is widely used in diamond alternative rings is moissanite. This moissanite stone has various advantages such as it is a natural material, it is cheaper than a diamond and available in various shapes and sizes as they are designed in the laboratories. The other advantage is the hardness of the moissanite that is almost equal to the diamond. This is the same case in platinum moissanite stones and they are the best diamond alternatives as it has various impressive designs and longer durability. Platinum is silver in its appearance and it’s durability and shine are impressive.

Diamond hybrid moissanite stone can be large in size when compared to a common diamond stone. It provides a new and elegant approach in diamond alternative engagement rings. This new look is becoming more popular in today’s fashion. These diamond alternative or the diamond hybrid rings resemble pure pink diamond engagement rings and are very difficult to distinguish between the two. Even trained professionals in the jewelry industry discover it difficult to separate between them. These emerald cut diamond rings are the best option to the diamond alternative rings.

Both cubic zirconia and moissanite are precious jewels and can be used in designing beautiful jewelry. But with respect to moissanite the cubic zirconia has a wide market in the field of diamond hybrid as they are cheaper in cost and are easy to maintain. The other important factor is that the color of cubic zirconia diamond alternative does not fade far easily and remains for longer duration.

The other diamond hybrid that provides varieties of articles is the moissanite diamond ring. It contains diamonds around the moissanite and is beautiful to look at. These moissanite diamond alternative rings are perfect for any occasion with vast selection of styles and alternatives s such as wedding rings, anniversary rings and the various engagement rings. These rings or the pendants can be manufactured two ways; one of them by machine manufacturing and the other being hand crafted. The hand crafted ring provides a stunning and marvelous look when compared to the machine crafted rings.