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Wholesale Engagement Rings

Getting engaged can be one of the most exciting events in any man’s life, and the most important issue to consider is an engagement ring. You cannot expect your girlfriend to take you seriously unless you can give her a ring, especially one that she will be proud to show off to her friends.
wholesale engagement ring
The usual reaction to realizing that an engagement ring is quite important when proposing, is for you to just go to your local jewelry store and pick the biggest, most expensive ring you can afford. However, that isn’t necessarily the best thing to do.
Why is that such a bad thing to do you may ask? Well, if you ask any reputable jeweler to choose between two diamonds laying next to each other. One is bigger than the other but the smaller one is of better quality I can guarantee you that all of them will choose the smaller one. The better quality diamond has much better sparkle and brilliance than the bigger diamond with poor quality.
Buying wholesale engagement rings is the better way to go about it. Find a wholesale dealer that specializes in diamond engagement rings. Here you have the ability to sort through thousands of diamonds and choose one that fits your criteria, you can then select the setting and the company will fit the two together for you usually at no charge.
The result is that you will have a custom designed engagement ring that you saved a bunch of money on.

wholesale engagement ring

However, because you may not be a jewelry expert it can be easy to fall foul of dishonest businesses. The best way to avoid this is to find out as much about diamonds as you can and, more importantly, find some kind of accreditation by a recognized association, like the Gemological Institute Of America.
By buying wholesale engagement rings rather than retail you can be sure of buying the best quality diamond that will continue to impress for far longer at a price that may surprise you.

Unique engagement rings

Unique engagement ring

The single stand alone solitaire was still available but not the only choice anymore, although it is still considered one of the best quality engagement rings. With the introduction of wider bands to incorporate baguette diamonds, accenting the solitaire has started to become the norm. There are still traditionalists out there and this is perfectly fine. Personally my fiance has a solitaire ring, but added to this is a second ring with accent diamonds that is perfectly shaped just to complement this ring. The solitaire itself is a break from tradition. It is a modified marquise diamond in the shape of a tear drop. I gave this as a symbol for the tears I would shed if she was ever to leave me.