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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings a La Beyonce

Have you ever seen Beyonce in her fabulous engagement ring? Well, Beyonce wears an engagement ring in some pictures as her love vow symbol with Jay Z. She looks very beautiful with emerald cut engagement rings idea. Well, we have discussed and described little bit about Beyonce engagement ring in the previous article. Generally, the ring is simple with crystal and diamond as the embellishment. The clear diamond or crystal is formed in rectangular shape which is actually also known as emerald cut.
That is little explanation regarding to Beyonce engagement ring. However, some people usually want something special in their engagement party. That’s why they try to choose appropriate ring model for it. The emerald cut engagement rings are a perfect choice for it.

Beyonce emerald engagement ring

This diamond cut ring looks simple yet very elegant at the same time. You will not think that it may be costless by looking at the design. You should see the quality of this ring through its embellishment type and adorable emerald cut. Some emerald cut rings for engagement are given in this article. Each of them at least can be your inspiration in dressing at the engagement party. Basically, the shape of emerald cut of diamond is quite simple in rectangular shape. This rectangular shape is formed elegantly with smooth edge. There is no wavy or hard detail surrounding this emerald cut. There is only clear stone with stairs accent on the top part. Commonly, the clear stone is diamond or crystal. It depends on your choice and budget to pick the best precious stone for this elegant ring.

This emerald cut engagement rings idea is commonly placed in a platform as the ring topping. The platform is made in the same shape as the emerald cut stone. There are some prongs which are attached surrounding the platform to keep the stone in right position. Sometimes, the platform ring has diamond grains or others as frame. Beyonce uses white gold and diamond for her engagement band. In this modern era, perhaps you can replace the white gold with yellow gold or titanium. And then choose green emerald or blue opal instead of usual white diamond as embellishment.

Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

The say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and while not every girl dreams of getting a ring on her finger, it seems that the women of Hollywood have no qualms about getting engagement rings on theirs. And in true Hollywood style, some of the stars who have high profiles have rings so extravagant that they can feed a third world country.

There is no secret that celebrities can go overboard with their engagements and weddings, but have you ever wondered just how much real people (yes, they still are real people somehow) can spend on a single ring? A video recently shown by Huffington Post gives a rundown of the top ten most expensive celebrity engagement rings.

Are you ready to be amazed? We will show you, your jaw will drop. Whether it is because you can’t believe the astounding amounts spent on the engagement rings or it is because you are envious and want one yourself – we will not dare presume.

So here are the top ten most expensive celebrity engagement rings.

10. Jennifer Garner: $500,000, 4.5 carats

Jennifer Garner engagement rings


9.   Jennifer Lopez: $1 million, 8.5 carats

Jennifer Lopez engagement rings


8.   Katie Holmes: $1.5 million, 5 carats

Katie Holmes Engagement Ring


7.   Heidi Klum: $1.5 million, 10 carats

Heidi Klum engagement rings


6.   Catherine Zeta Jones: $2 million, 10 carats

Catherine Zeta Jones engagement rings


5.   Kim Kardashian: $2 million, more than 20 carats

Kim Kardashian engagement rings


4.   Mariah Carey: more than $2 million, 59 diamonds

Mariah Carey engagement rings


3.   Melania Trump: $3 million, 15 carats

Melania Trump engagement rings


2.   Paris Hilton: $4.7 million, 24 carats

Paris Hilton engagement rings


1.   Beyonce Knowles: $5 million, 18 carats

Beyonce Knowles engagement rings

Sure, diamonds last forever – and they better do with those price tags! It’s a pity that the celebrity relationships they are supposed to seal have a much shorter shelf life. Here’s the video if you want to see some of the engagement rings for yourself.