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Top spectacular sapphire engagement rings.

Ever since Prince William gave Kate Middleton her vintage engagement ring, sapphires have been popping up in wedding rings everywhere.  The various shades of blue and even yellow and pink sapphires add interest and a pop of color to any vintage ring. The most valuable color is a rich medium blue, which stays constant in any light and can look great with any ensemble. Because it’s the birthstone for September, a sapphire engagement ring is a perfect choice for women who were born in the ninth month of the year.

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This ring isn’t afraid to bring the serious sapphire firepower, with that cornflower blue, natural, no-heat Ceylon sapphire which clocks in at an extremely respectable. 15.50 carats. It’s contemporary but extraordinarily glamorous, with antique-style open scrollwork galore.

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This is an early 20th century sapphire and diamond ring, circa 1915. It has a lozenge cluster of sapphires at the center, formed by a square cut and four triangular cut sapphires, with a border of single cut diamonds, a pierced gallery, and a plain shank. It is simple but I think the overall shape – which has the vaguest suggestion of a flower, with the subtle indentations in the center of each side of the diamond – is really pretty.
sapphires, diamonds, Art Deco, rings, cocktail rings, engagement rings, antique jewelry
This spectacular sapphire and diamond ring, a definite crowd-pleaser, is an early 20th century diamond and sapphire ring, circa 1910. It is millegrain set with a cushion cut diamond, the surrounding calibre cut sapphires forming a lozenge, diamond dart highlights to the corners and a diamond set outer border. I think it’s really spectacular.

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This round beauty is a contemporary Art Deco-inspired piece by Tiffany & Co., part of the Great Gatsby collection. Fabulous, yes? And very easy to see the Deco influence, especially when it’s in such company.

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Next up is an antique platinum-mounted sapphire and diamond marquise shaped cluster ring, circa 1890. The ring has a central marquise shaped sapphire bordered by lines of diamonds and calibre cut sapphires. The border is formed to look sort of like a ribbon wrapped around the central sapphire and flattened. I was surprised by the date; doesn’t it look Art Deco? A forward-thinking jeweler, I guess.
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This baby is another ring that is both huge and beautifully designed. It’s another contemporary Art Deco-style piece, set with a 7.11 carat cushion-cut sapphire and just under 3 carats of baguette and oval-cut diamonds. I wouldn’t turn this one down.
sapphires, diamonds, Art Deco, rings, cocktail rings, engagement rings, antique jewelry
This ring is quintessentially Art Deco in a way that makes me think of buildings, but it’s also a little early to be called Art Deco in terms of age. This antique cabochon sapphire & diamond ring, is from 1905. It features an oval cabochon sapphire centered in a pierced and millegrain set bombe diamond mount.
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This knockout of an Art Deco cocktail ring centers a 5.33 carat Burma sapphire, so its chances at fabulousness were pretty high from the get-go. It’s further embellished by an oblong two-row border of calibre cut sapphires and diamonds, with a scalloped edge, and diamond line shoulders.

These spectacular sapphire rings are not all from the same source, so please see individual descriptions above for links. All images and info are thanks to the original poster of each item.

Some believe sapphires have mystical properties and can bring the wearer peace, serenity and success. It’s no wonder so many famous people and even royalty possess jewelry featuring this gemstone. Whether you believe in the myths or not, sapphire vintage engagement rings are always a good choice when you’re looking for something really special.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings 2013

Women always have a great passion about the wedding ring with The Valuable of Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings. Sweet life, full of color and happiness in the future have been designed into the wedding ring. Although in general the gold and precious stones of choice for wedding rings, sapphire has been experiencing considerable popularity as a sapphire ring once worn on the wedding of Princess Diana. The ring has become a favorite among jewelry lovers since 1981 and became a worldwide public spotlight in late 2010 when Prince William put his blue sapphire ring to Kate Middleton. A famous royal wedding which was held on the anniversary of 30 years of marriage Prince William’s parents because many people who say that marriage brings great joy to the UK. However, the most in the spotlight many times it is a blue sapphire ring on her finger. Because the ring is a sapphire engagement ring belongs to Diana 30 years ago.

Diana chose an oval blue sapphire engagement ring weighing 18 carats and surrounded by 14 small diamonds in an elegant atmosphere. This is a remarkable marriage ring and amazing because of the ring is so fantastic prices reached $ 60,000 and the current price of a sapphire ring more than $ 500,000. Sapphire rings are believed to symbolize loyalty, honesty and sincerity, so as to make the ideal partner to present the ring to the couple as a commitment.


There are several things to consider if it wishes to present a sapphire ring on the wedding day. Consider color. If the first time looked at sapphire, the color may come to mind is the blue pair because it is so popular around the world. But once aware of a variety of colors are offered such as pink, yellow, green, brown, orange, clear, colored and other salmon. In fact there are some stones that can change color when moving from indoors to outdoors.

The Valuable of Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings - Women always have a great passion about the wedding ring with The Valuable of Blue Sapphire Engagement RingsThe Valuable of Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings – Heavy sapphire ring. Keep in mind that the more severe the sapphire scales, the more expensive price. Look for a sapphire that is free of inclusions, may be caused by dirt. Most sapphire has been treated by heating to remove dirt on a sapphire gemstone. Because not just any blue sapphire jewelry, then as the most precious wedding ring to consider when buying and maintaining it. In accordance with the symbol of loyalty in love with a blue sapphire ring that must be maintained. The Valuable of Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings.