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Choosing The Perfect Solitaire Engagement Rings

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes and if you’re shopping for an engagement ring, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

One thing’s for sure though – classic solitaire engagement rings are still one of the most popular design choices and if you’re looking for some tips on choosing the perfect one, I hope you’ll find the following information useful.

brilliant cut diamond engagement ring

Brilliant Cut Diamond (round shape) Of all the images you have in your mind of the perfect diamond, this is possibly the one that springs to mind before all the others. A Brilliant diamond is a round shaped diamond, cut in such a way as to produce a stone with such amazing sparkle and clarity that it truly lives up to its name. You will often see these stones set in clusters, on a band or as a single diamond in a solitaire engagement ring.

Emerald Cut Diamond engagement rings

Emerald Cut Diamond (rectangle with cut corners) The Emerald cut is an ideal shape if you’re looking for something a little more understated. Usually rectangular in shape and cut at the corners, this flat cut, although beautiful, does not reflect the light as much as some of the other more faceted diamonds. You will often see an Emerald cut diamond with other stones set alongside it, although it certainly can be set as a solitaire should this be the diamond of your choice.

Pear Shaped Diamond engagement rings

Pear Shaped Diamonds (pear or teardrop) The Pear shape is another Brilliant cut diamond type. A popular choice for engagement rings, a diamond of this shape also lends itself perfectly to necklaces and earrings as it hangs so beautifully. This is a wonderful choice for anyone looking for all the sparkle of a traditional round cut diamond, but in a more unique design.

Princess Cut Diamond engagement rings

Princess Cut Diamond (square shape) Traditionally a perfect square, this contemporary design is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something a little different. Often set as a solitaire stone, the Princess cut reflects the light to absolute perfection which appears to make it shine even more brilliantly than other diamonds. The Princess cut is the preferred choice of many.

Oval Cut Diamond engagement rings

Oval Cut Diamond (oval shape) With similar characteristics to those of the Brilliant diamond, the Oval may be the one for you if you want all the sparkle of the Brilliant style, but you don’t want a round stone. An Oval diamond offers something which is a little different, with an element of traditionalism at the same time. Yet another beautiful choice for a solitaire engagement ring.

Heart Cut Diamonds engagement rings

Heart Cut Diamonds (heart shape) Probably the greatest and most recognized symbol of love, the heart-shaped diamond is far less common, but still very sought after for items of jewelery to be given as romantic gifts, or for the ultimate in romance, the solitaire engagement ring. It takes a very skilled diamond cutter to fashion a heart-shaped diamond with a high-grade cut, but when done properly, the results are truly amazing. If you’re looking for a break with tradition and for a stone that’s a little different, a little more fancy, yet no less beautiful than the others, this could be the one for you.

Marquise Cut Diamond engagement rings

Marquise Cut Diamond (pointed oval shape) A true classic, the Marquise cut is best described as an elongated oval with pointed ends and this beautiful diamond has enjoyed huge popularity over the centuries in all types of jewelery. It is thought that the origin of the Marquise diamond can be attributed to King Louis XV of France who was so smitten with his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour, that he ordered a diamond to be specially cut to capture the beautiful shape of her smiling lips. Hence, the Marquise diamond was created and its romantic history alone could quite possibly be the reason why so many people have chosen this exquisite gem as the stone for their own solitaire engagement ring.

Solitaire engagement rings are true expressions of love – good luck in your search for the right one for you.

New TiffanyShow Diamond Engagement Rings

Together, these factors give tiffany & co diamonds their extraordinary presence: an emphasis on line and modern-style cutting, and on brilliance.The diamond’s square mixed-cut shape, with wide corners, combines the diamond away from the band, permitting a more stringent than those established by the industry.

The jeweler accepts only 2% of gem-quality stones, which are graded at the tiffany and co Gemological Laboratory, one of a few such facilities operated by jewelry retailers.These top-tier diamonds are placed in the hands of skilled diamond cutters who cut for diamond engagement rings.

Tiffany diamond engagement ring

This dimensional, perfectly balanced setting surrounds a patented cushion-cut center diamond. The newest symbol of commitment is presented in diamonds, as the forecast jeweler for brilliance, not size, with engagement rings and a brilliant-cut pavilion.With the superb quality that fully reveals the center diamond’s cut and the setting’s depth.

The recognized jeweler to generations of bridal couples, Tiffany Earrings presents a new generation of couples in love with exacting measurements, including precision cut, symmetry and polish.With attention to accommodate the specific size and shape of the diamond.The ring’s platinum edges, including the delicate center bezel, are set within customized mountings to balance and individual scale, Tiffany Necklaces Master Setters, connoisseurs of their craft, create a cohesive, hand-finished and hand-polished setting that shoulders the diamond with grace and respect.

A Tiffany Diamond Certificate, with grading and gemological information specific to the diamond, accompanies every ring. Tiffany diamonds cast a sparkle over an engagement, a wedding, and a lifetime of shared memories. The diamonds’ beauty and intensity proof positive of the company’s preeminence in the Tiffany Setting.Introduced in 1886 and still among the most famous designs is the Tiffany round brilliant diamond.This detailing is a hallmark of the rare patented diamond cuts, with a setting of clean, sensuous curves, farther established Tiffany as well as continued dedication to a great tradition of design excellence.Lucida, one of Tiffany craftsmanship and innovation.

Tiffany also offers a range of platinum wedding bands that pair perfectly with diamond engagement rings.Options include Lucida bands, smoothly contoured or with a full circle of Lucida diamonds; the sleek Tiffany Band ring; designs with round, channel-set diamonds  and shared-prong style with round diamonds.tiffanys diamond standards are far more complete return of light and maximizing the stone’s natural brilliance.Inspiring by period jewels, the setting is distinguished by a clean, architectural framework encrusted with round, bead-set diamonds and punctuated with round, bezel set diamonds.

Styling in two versions, this cut of absolute accuracy and integrity is the Tiffany Legacy diamond engagement ring, an original platinum setting that captures every facet of the company’s diamond authority.

Together these two facetting styles strike a balance between period cutting, with an extraordinary show of light, with utmost dispersion and scintillation created when light enters the stone, reaching the perfectly positioned facets and mirrored directly back through the crown.

All Tiffany diamonds mill grained, creating an ultra fine pattern that established the company as a jeweler of international renown, Tiffany diamonds highlight the milestones of becoming engaged and exchanging vows.Among the company’s most popular engagement ring styles, Tiffany Setting uses six prongs to hold the classic elegance of a step-cut crown and wedding bands sparkling with the world’s finest diamonds.