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Tips for Buying Engagement Rings Online

You can buy pretty much anything online these days, and that includes engagement rings. It might seem a little non-romantic to choose the tokens of your affection on the internet, however when you think about it makes perfect sense: you can shop online 24/7, you can be discreet if you don’t want to spoil the surprise and, if you shop around, you can save lots of money.

Here are a few tips for buying diamond engagement rings online:

You may choose to buy an engagement ring without your other half knowing, and this is perfectly understandable. The problem with shopping online is that there is so much choice out there that you can more easily buy the wrong thing. With this in mind, shop sensibly, ask about the kinds of things your partner might like even if this means asking friends and relatives.

Buying diamonds in and of itself can be a challenge. You might consider the four Cs, these are cut, clarity, carat and colour. All diamonds are different, and these differences are measured by the four Cs. For example, carat refers to the size of a diamond, as you would imagine the larger the carat the more expensive the diamond.

Seek advice. Many diamond sellers allow you to build custom rings. This might be a little daunting but it does mean you can create something you know your partner will love. The best online jewellers will also offer you all sorts of advice regarding choosing rings, covering things like the 4Cs.

2009 Engagement Rings Trends (Part III)

Studies have concluded that the average amount of money spent on engagement rings has declined over the past decade or so, and is predicted to decline even more in the future. Exactly why is anybody’s guess.  I believe that it maybe for a couple of reasons.

pink sapphire engagement ring

#1 is that it is very easy to spend less on an engagement ring when you buy it online. It used to be that only jewelry stores sold engagement rings and could charge as much as they like. They really had very little competition except for a few other local jewelry stores. If each jewelry store kept their prices high, each jewelry store owner would make more money. I often hear from many jewelers that have been in the business for many years about how good the old days were.

The days when they had their way with the consumer and unloaded any diamond they wanted for just about anything they wanted to charge. Huge mark-ups and huge profits. Almost like they were doing the newly engaged couple a favor. These old-timers long for those days, but they know things have changed for good with the internet. That is why many small independent jewelry stores are going out of business. They just can’t compete with the new way of buying diamonds.

The internet makes saving thousands of dollars on your engagement ring entirely possible with all of the competition out there. And you will certainly have many more styles of engagement rings to choose from. The 2nd reason for people spending less on their engagement ring is just simply the economy.

People’s average salaries are not keeping up with inflation. And then of course there are the lay-offs. Gone are the days of working for a company for 35 years and retiring at 62 or 65 with a full pension. Many workers today may not be able to retire at all. And even if you are working for a stable company, it just seems that it’s getting harder everyday to get married, buy a house and raise children, and still have money left over for your retirement.

I know many couples that are in a 2 income household with good careers and still have trouble making ends meet. So whatever the reason may be, the trend is that people are spending less on engagement rings than they did before.