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7 Steps to Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

There’s a lot talked about how much you should spend on a diamond engagement ring and our friends have put together some thoughts on how to buy a diamond that will rock not just her finger, but her world.

Make a Budget

Setting a budget is an essential first step as is being informed.  For example, many men do not know that buying just under the carat weight will save them money,” says Bob Hoskins, Master Gemologist for Whiteflash.These tough economic times have left many men worried they simply can’t afford to get engaged but contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to sell a piece of your liver or hawk Great Edna’s china to impress your bride-to-be.

Give a Diamond

Women have been dreaming about diamond engagement rings since the Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring while proposing marriage in 1477.  As the centuries have passed, trends have come and gone but the now-classic diamond remains the gold standard in engagement rings. The bottom line: Save the sapphires, rubies and emeralds for the many birthdays and anniversaries you’ll be celebrating together.

Stay a Cut Above The Rest

Most of us are aware of the four-C scale: Cut, which refers to how well the diamond is shaped and not the style, (i.e. cushion cut), colorclarity, which determines how many flaws are in the stone, andcarat. While the other C’s get the most press (and are the easiest for most consumers to understand) Hoskins says that paying up for a perfectly clear stone is less important than finding one that is shaped well.

“A lot of buyers focus on size and carat weight but it’s important to remember that the cut of the stone is the most important factor when purchasing a diamond since the cut is what determines its brilliance,” he says.

What this means is that when a stone is cut with perfect precision it allows the maximum amount of light to enter and pass through it. This is what causes the sparkle your fianc?e –and her girlfriends – love so much.

Get Her Something She Will Actually Want To Wear

Many men will try to convince themselves that a woman should like any ring given to her if she’s saying “yes” for the right reasons, but the reality is that most of us aren’t that interested in wearing things that don’t vibe with our style. Think about that reindeer sweater your grandmother gave you. Do you want to wear that sweater every day for the rest of your life and show it off to friends just because you love your nana? We didn’t think so.

So, how does one avoid making his fianc? force smiles as she shows off a ring she hopes to “lose”? Find out what her preferences are before you go shopping advises Hoskins. “Wander into a jewelry store together and pay attention to her reaction to different stones. Does she toward classic or contemporary designs? Knowing the answer will make diamond ring shopping a lot easier and more fun,” he says.

Enlist The Troops

Yes, the rumors are true; most women have at least one friend or relative with whom they have shared the details of their ideal ring, and she did this, in part, to ensure that when this day presented itself, you’d have some help. We know, that was very thoughtful of her. Just be careful about who you go blabbing your plans to. It’s hard to believe but some women can’t keep secrets.

Design It With Her

Many modern couples are foregoing tradition for the chance to bond by building a ring together so if one of the reasons you love your girl is that she’s so hands-on, let her have a say in the ring she’ll be wearing.  Propose with a stand-in ring, pour a couple of glasses of champagne and spend some time designing a ring together using Whiteflash’s unique custom design option.  

Some of our happiest female clients had a hand in designing their ‘dream ring’,” says Sheerah Koloroutis, a Whiteflash Creative Designer Specalist who notes that collaboration has replaced tradition in many aspects of wedding-planning, including the ring design. “Most couples discuss marriage possibilities and plans for the future ahead of time so it’s not uncommon for them to work together to create the symbol of their love as well,” she says.


Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but you’re the love of her life and though the ring might sparkle (and it will because you got one that was cut well), the reason she squeals is because she’s just been asked to spend the rest of her life with you.

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings and the 4-C’s

Before you head off to any jewelry store and give in to that impulse of buying, there are several things that you need to pay attention to when choosing the ideal diamond ring for your loved one.

The factors of diamond shopping are also known as the four c’s. These four c’s are carat weight, color, cut and clarity. Cut is the measure of the overall brilliance and the reflective qualities of the diamond. If the diamond is more brilliant, it is simply because it has a better cut.

In order to distinguish if Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings have perfect cut, it must reflect most amount of light back at you when you look into it. Clarity is another factor that you also need to consider when you are opting to purchase princess cut diamond engagement ring.

The clarity measures the number of flaws that is present within the diamond.