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Emerald wedding rings

Finding a perfect pair of ring to seal a promise could be at some point exhausting yet you still find yourself in the midst of this seemingly endless hunt for those perfect bands. After all, you would not go through much of these frets if not for one ultimate goal, that is to finally say yes to “forever. And what could best symbolize this promise of enduring love than a diamond ring.

Emerald engagement and wedding rings

Diamond rings signify love, dedication, and loyalty a couple shares. Choosing a design for engagement rings says a lot about personalities and characters of couples.

Couples who prefer traditional look goes for an emerald cut diamond engagement rings. Aside from its stunning vintage look, this ring also comes in a surprisingly reasonable price.

Emerald cut diamond engagement ring was one of the foremost innovations of the wealthy class during the reign of Pope Innocent III. Originating from plain metal bands, decorative rings were invented having gemstones incorporated in its design. These rings bear initials conveying affection and honor. These initials were expressed by using sentimental gems that literally spells “regards. Stones used were emerald, ruby, and garnet among others.

The first emerald cut diamond engagement ring was recorded in 1477, upon engagement of Mary of Burgundy to Archduke Maximillian of Austria.

The emerald cut diamond engagement ring has a rectangular shaped diamond with slightly cropped corners. Originally, this method of cutting was intended for emeralds, however, by giving consideration to market demands and favoring its sophisticated shape or appearance, the cut was later used on diamonds too.

Thus, emerald cut diamond engagement rings came out. This kind however has few facets as compared to other cuts. Due to this, clarity is quite affected. Clarity refers to the translucency or flawlessness of the stone.

An Modern Trend: Celtic Engagement Rings

A Celtic band is not only beautiful, but carries a long history and tradition behind it. Celts were highly spiritual people with a passion for art. It is this creativity and spiritualism that is infused into the Celtic designs.

Celtic designs are finding favor among many couples for being unique and meaningful, making them ideal for bands. Celtic marriage rings are universally thought to represent the interweaving of two lives into a connected whole. Because the pattern is continuous around the ring, it is thought to symbolize the unending love and continuity of a relationship.

celtic engagement rings

The Celtic patterns can be very complex, especially on thicker bands. There are endless variations among the knot patterns, from graceful, flowing braids to rigid, angular designs.

Many ascribe specific meanings to these patterns. Simple, smooth patterns with flowing curves may represent the harmony and ease that a couple shares, while a more angular pattern can be symbolic of the foundations and stability of marriage. In reality, there is no formal directory of what Celtic designs signify. Couples can simply choose the patterns that describe their individual personalities and interpret the meaning to suit their individual relationship.

Rich with symbolism, mystery, and romance, Celtic wedding rings are a popular choice with today brides and grooms. With a nearly infinite range of designs to choose from, it is possible to find the perfect ring to represent the eternal bond that the couple forges on their wedding day.

Celtic wedding rings can be made as a solid band with knots carved, or as raised scrolls, or as engravings. Alternatively Celtic wedding rings can be made entirely from a knot pattern, with intertwining metals used for a more delicate appearing ring.

For something with a little more of a statement, these styles of wedding and engagement rings can also be made with diamonds set in them. Diamonds can be placed in the middle of each knot, between each knot, or alternatively at one one or both edges of the wedding ring.

One of the most well recognized and used Celtic knots would be the Trinity knot. The Trinity knot, as the name would suggest, comprises 3 rounded triangles linked together and features points at the outer edges. This knot can stand alone or be worked so that numerous knots are linked together. The Trinity knot is often known as the Love Knot and can have several meanings, including the ancient Celtic, which is representing Celtic Gods and Goddesses, and the Christian, which is representing the Holy Trinity.