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Oval Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular as more celebrities show them off as their engagement ring. A cushion cut diamond can be a slightly more romantic version of a square or emerald cut diamond. This is due to the fact that the diamond is cut in such a way as to appear more rounded and a little softer around the edges. A cushion cut diamond can resemble a square or rectangle, but will always have rounded off corners.

Cushion cut diamonds work well in the vintage style, geometric center settings that we have been seeing more of in the last few years. These diamonds can be set alone with a prong style setting, or can be surrounded equally beautifully with smaller diamonds or accent stones.

Nowadays, contemporary diamond cuts feature a higher number of facets, leading to more shine and sparkle overall. A cushion cut diamond has to be relatively free of inclusions, and needs to be of a good color to make up for the lesser number of facets. Included diamonds should not be used for the cushion cut as the flaws will be easier to spot than with other diamond cuts.

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings can be an excellent engagement ring selection for those who love antique style engagement rings. They are also ideal for those who are seeking a softer or less geometric version of the square and rectangular center settings. Cushion cut diamonds make excellent solitaire engagement rings. This diamond cut can look just as fantastic with a plain, worked, or pave set band.

Vintage Engagement Rings For Beauty And Style

Vintage is often a term that is used when describing fashions from the past that aren’t quiet at the level of being considered antiques but are still classics. Vintage engagement rings can be from any time period considered to be more modern than ancient, typically from the early 1900’s to the retro period of even into the 1970’s.

vintage diamond engagement rings

Most of the engagement rings from these time periods had very distinctive qualities that uniquely categorize the rings as being vintage. Typically the rings included both yellow and white gold combinations on the bands, however platinum was and is also used in creating some very unique settings and bands.

Narrow bands at the back widening to larger settings at the front of the engagement rings from this time period are very common. Generally if the band is two tone, the white gold will be located on the front of the ring to provide reflection for the diamonds and add to the overall design. Mountings and settings were commonly done in white gold during the early 1900s and continue to be very popular.

The stones in vintage engagement rings tend to be somewhat smaller than are seen in many of the new diamond engagement rings however they are also more of the moderately large stones. Often other gems are also combined with diamonds in beautiful settings that highlight both the diamond as well as the surrounding gems. 

A popular cut in vintage engagement rings as well as in antique diamond rings is the cushion cut. Cushion cut engagement rings have a beautiful, soft internal sparkle and fire and are ideal to stand alone on a simple band. The cut also works well with interlocking and curved wedding band and engagement ring sets. 

Historically the name for cushion cut diamonds was candlelight diamonds. This is because lighting was from candles and the beautiful cut of the diamond gives off a soft, firely glow in any type of direct or diffuse light. Typically shapes for the cushion cut diamonds include oval to rectangular with rounded or blunted corners.

Cushion cut diamonds and the reproductions of the vintage style of engagement rings tend to use the same open facet styles. This means that the diamonds stay true to their historic cut, softly and romantically reflecting gentle light. To add more focus on these types of diamonds small pave diamonds are often set close to the larger central diamond. 

Vintage engagement rings featuring some of the detailed filigree and metal work from these earlier times are a great option for a classic yet unusual style. Browsing through estate jewelry sales for rings or purchasing a new creation of a modern classic are both great options for finding these styles of engagement rings.