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round diamond engagement rings with halo

Round Diamond Engagement Rings

The round diamond engagement rings are probably one of the most popular diamond cuts there is today. Other more fashionable diamond cuts may come and go depending on the trend but the round diamond cut will be here to stay due to its consistent demand. It is said that round diamonds account for more than 75 percent of all diamonds sold across all jewelry stores worldwide. That is how popular the round diamond really is. Round diamond are often referred to as brilliant or round brilliant cut as that is the most common cut for round diamonds. A round diamond cut generally consists of 57 facets with some that consists of 58 facets with a culet. The round diamond is one of the few diamond cuts that display the most fire and scintillation when compared to all other diamond cuts.

round diamond engagement rings sets

When choosing the best round engagement rings for your fianc? you need to pay attention to the diamond’s cut, clarity, color and carat as that will determine the quality and price of the diamond. As for the round diamond, it is always a good choice to go for one with the highest quality cut you can afford. A good cut will ensure that the diamond is cut and chipped according to precise mathematical formula. However, if you are going for the common round diamond cut called the brilliant cut, you can opt for a cut that is slightly lower in quality if you are tight on budget. A brilliant cut will display more brilliance and this will enable it to hide any imperfection in the cut if there is any.

Next is to choose a good color rating for the round cut engagement rings. A good color rating would mean that the diamond is either colorless or close to being one, while a poor color rating would mean that the diamond will contain some form of yellowish color that is not pleasant to the eye. Most would agree that a good color rating is important no matter which type of diamond cut you choose. Try to go for round diamonds with a color rating of D, E, F, or G if possible. Anything lower than that, and you will be able to spot some yellowish color in the diamond and your fianc? might not like it.

round diamond engagement rings with halo

As for the clarity of the round diamond engagement rings, try to go for one with the highest clarity you can afford. A good clarity would indicate that the diamond does not contain much inclusions or blemishes in it. This is important for diamond cuts that do not display much brilliance as any slight inclusions will be easily noticeable to the human eye. However, if you are going for a round brilliant cut, you do not need to worry about this too much. The brilliance from the cut will hide any impurities in the diamond and it would be almost impossible for a human eye to see unless examined closely through a microscope. A good recommendation would be to go for a clarity of SI2 or higher.

As for the carat of the round engagement rings, this will depend on what you can afford. Generally, the larger the carat of a diamond is, the more expensive the diamond will be. Go for a carat size that you are financially able to afford and a size that matches your fianc?’s fingers. As for the setting of the ring, most people would go for a solitaire setting as this allows the pure beauty and the brilliance of the round diamond to be displayed. If you wish, you can have the sides of the ring to be decorated with ascent stones to beautify the entire ring as a whole.

Oval Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular as more celebrities show them off as their engagement ring. A cushion cut diamond can be a slightly more romantic version of a square or emerald cut diamond. This is due to the fact that the diamond is cut in such a way as to appear more rounded and a little softer around the edges. A cushion cut diamond can resemble a square or rectangle, but will always have rounded off corners.

Cushion cut diamonds work well in the vintage style, geometric center settings that we have been seeing more of in the last few years. These diamonds can be set alone with a prong style setting, or can be surrounded equally beautifully with smaller diamonds or accent stones.

Nowadays, contemporary diamond cuts feature a higher number of facets, leading to more shine and sparkle overall. A cushion cut diamond has to be relatively free of inclusions, and needs to be of a good color to make up for the lesser number of facets. Included diamonds should not be used for the cushion cut as the flaws will be easier to spot than with other diamond cuts.

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings can be an excellent engagement ring selection for those who love antique style engagement rings. They are also ideal for those who are seeking a softer or less geometric version of the square and rectangular center settings. Cushion cut diamonds make excellent solitaire engagement rings. This diamond cut can look just as fantastic with a plain, worked, or pave set band.