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Modern Trends For Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring, most couples tend to fall into two camps. The first camp prefers the look and feel of a traditional diamond engagement ring, like a solitaire or princess-cut diamond.

On the other hand, the second camp prefers to use their diamond engagement rings as a fashion statement. To them, a diamond engagement ring is an opportunity to express their knowledge of cutting-edge trends – and they enjoy the attention that their diamond engagement rings net them!

If you identify more closely with the second camp, then you’re in luck: we’re about to outline some of the biggest diamond engagement ring trends on the planet.

Palladium Diamond Engagement Rings

If you’re not familiar with palladium yet, then get ready to meet one of the biggest metal trends of the year. As a metal, palladium truly delivers: it looks identical to platinum (and for good reason: it’s considered a part of the platinum alloy family) and offers superior strength and durability. Due to its gorgeous platinum color, palladium is the perfect metal for showing off a bevy of glistening diamonds on your engagement ring. Add to the fact that palladium is perfect for consumers with metal-related allergies, and it’s no wonder palladium diamond engagement rings are such a huge trend.

Did we mention that it’s cheaper than platinum as well?

Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

You can thank the effortlessly chic Kate Middleton for this trend: when she was spotted with a blue diamond engagement ring, the world was in a frenzy over this unique trend. If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider getting a colored diamond engagement ring. Deep blues and rich rubies look fantastic with both platinum and gold band metals.

Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Princess-cut diamond engagement rings will always be a classic staple of the jewelry world. However, Asscher cut diamond engagement rings are bringing serious competition, and for good reason: they look similar to the princess cut, but add much more sparkle. An Asscher cut diamond has many more facets than the princess cut, which means it glistens and shines in the light. Asscher cut diamond engagement rings are perfect for couples on a budget, as this particular cut makes smaller diamonds look ten times their actual size.

Whether you’re a trendy fashionist or just researching your dream diamond engagement ring, get inspired by the biggest diamond engagement ring trends!