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Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

A Solitaire diamond ring is the classic style for Engagement rings, featuring a single diamond stone set on a quality band. Although the style of Solitaire Diamond Engagement rings is classic, there are still many options to explore to make this important piece of jewellery contemporary.

solitaire diamond engagement ring

Your engagement ring is probably the single purchase that a man makes which can shape up the rest of his life. Making the Engagement ring one that his chosen love couldn’t possible refuse. As far as the other half is concerned it’s not only about the size oft he stone, but also it’s styling and even the type of metal used to form the ring.

At Purely Diamonds they have a huge range of Solitaire diamond engagement rings for you to choose from, and at prices up to 50% cheaper than the high street you’re unlikely to find better value without compromising on quality.

Remember of all the choices you have, along with the actual stone itself, you have to consider what metal will make up the solitaire diamond engagement – you could choose yellow gold, white gold or even platinum. The choice of colour you might not want to leave up to your own judgement, check out their existing pieces and see which colour they prefer.

Whatever you decide, you can be reassured that each ring in the Purely Diamonds range of Solitaire Diamond Engagement rings will have been manufactured to the highest quality, and will be accompanied by a certificate of independent valuation which can be used for insurance purposes.