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Top 7 most beautiful engagement rings in the world.

Here are my picks for the most beautiful engagement rings and wedding rings.

#7 Kay engagement ring
Do You know that “Every kiss begins with Kay”?

Twisted Kay Engagement Rings

If you want to get a twisted band engagement ring you could check out Kay’s Jewelers where they are known for their large selections of jewelry around.
Here you know that you are going to be able to find the perfect engagement ring, and you can even talk with them to have a ring custom made so that it is personalized and you know that it is going to be one of a kind.
They are one of the premier jewelry companies in the world that you can go through to get twisted band or other engagement rings and find them at a great price.
These rings are very popular and as soon as you see one you will know why, because they are so unique looking and really special, perfect for an engagement ring.

#6 Jared engagement ring

Jared engagement ring
Channel-set ideal-cut princess-cut Hearts Desire™ diamonds rest on either side of the open center of this magnificent ring setting. Three eighth carat total diamond weight. Independently certified. Set in a euro shank of white gold for a more comfortable fit. The platinum head is ready to be set with the diamond you select. Center diamond sold separately.

#5 Zales engagement ring

Zales engagement ring
America loves Zales engagement rings. This 14K white gold engagement ring has one 1 carat round diamond in a 14K white gold 6-prong setting. Zales engagement rings appear to be more basic and less ornate in comparison to some of the more upscale designers such as the Tacori brand or Vera Wang.

#4 Pave engagement ring

Pave diamond engagement ring
Pave settings for an engagement ring can be absolutely breathtaking. A pave diamond ring is one that is encrusted with very small diamonds all along the band to give the appearance of solid diamond surface, rather than a metal band. Because pave-set diamonds use only tiny beads or prongs to hold them in place, very little of the metal band shows through and the diamonds all appear to be free-standing. Settings like this can either go around the whole band (“full pave”) or stop halfway around (“half pave”). Most people find a full pave setting visually impressive, but prefer the comfort of a half pave setting, as the tiny diamonds are less likely to rub against the other fingers. Also, a full pave ring can almost be too much brilliance, drawing attention away from the center diamond.

#3 Tiffany engagement rings

Tiffany Big Diamond Engagement Rings
If you desire to present best engagement ring then you should use latest fashioned Tiffany engagement rings. Tiffany Engagement coming in different style and patterns. Tiffany engagement is latest fashion. Entire party will be looking to your engagement ring. Your wife will be happier to see this engagement ring.
For your wedding, you should try tiffany engagement rings. There are different verities available in online and offline market places. Many people are using these great engagement rings and they have also written there satisfactory results and appreciative reviews.

#2 Cartier engagement rings

Cartier diamond engagement ring
An engagement or wedding ring by Cartier is a sublime token of love and commitment.
Engagement and wedding rings by Cartier are instantly recognisable among thousands. Some models have been famous since 1925, and all of them attest to Cartier’s creative energy. Wearing a Cartier ring is an undisputable sign of distinction.
Experienced and skilled, Cartier’s master craftsmen make each piece of jewellery come alive.
Diamonds selected for exceptional purity and fire are mounted on prongs, or used in collet settings or paving, transforming each ring into a unique creation.
Discover the Love ring by Cartier, a talisman-piece available in yellow, pink or white gold enhanced by sparkling diamonds. The Lani?res ring is a sublime solitaire, while the D?claration ring, set with diamonds, is from a very contemporary range.
One of life’s most unforgettable moments comes with a proposal of marriage. The emotion of this instant will remain etched in your memories forever. Choose a band or wedding ring by Cartier as a marvellous symbol of this moment and of your eternal love.

#1 Tacori engagement rings

Tacori diamond engagement ring
Tacori engagement ring settings fuse old world elegance with modern allure to design exquisite engagement ring settings. Each Tacori engagement ring is an intricate combination of art and science. All Tacori engagement ring settings are handcrafted in California using the finest materials of quality platinum and 18 or 22 karat gold.
Tacori engagement ring settings and Tacori wedding bands set the standard in the industry. Tacori stands for uncompromising quality and lasting value with affordable Tacori engagement ring prices. When you want elegantly crafted designer jewelry to match your unique style and the way you live, Tacori has just what you are looking for!

Understanding the Beauty behind the Tree Stone Engagement Ring

A 3 stone engagement ring is something many women want since they have become popular in recent years. A 3 stone engagement ring is meant to represent the past, present and future and the stones can be the same size, although some brides prefer the center stone to be larger than the two smaller diamonds on each side.

tree srone colored diamond engagement rings

Even a typical diamond solitaire ring can be made into a 3 stone engagement ring, just not necessarily giving the same importance to anything other than the eternity of love that an engagement ring represents, where the side diamonds are added as an accessory to the large solitaire diamond. Some brides might prefer a marquis diamond, set with a couple of baguettes on each side, for example.

Another area to keep an eye on is the cut. Most of them are setup with round cuts or princess styles, which you should make sure she sees. Having to choose between the two will definitely be a tough decision thanks to their beauty. However, it may be decided by your budget.

Once you’ve figured this out, then it’s time to choose the setting. Each one of these usually exceeds a carat or two depending on the measurements. Keep in mind you get to decide on the size, weight, and anything else for the perfect match.

However, it really doesn’t become a 3 stone engagement ring until you choose the setting. Pave settings are a popular choice that offer mass appeal in tiny numbers. There are tiny diamonds that are situated perfectly to give off a solid diamond surface. It’s definitely different then your traditional metal band. These offer free standing impressions and are absolutely gorgeous.

Another setting that is popular with a 3 stone engagement ring is a channel setting. The band may have smaller, channel set diamonds and the large stone and side-stones are in actual prong settings.

The 3 stone engagement ring is simply a great choice for anyone looking at new life together. This will allow her to bring out that inner personality, and be the center of attention all the way up until the wedding. Once she starts wearing it you will find that everyone is complimenting her on the ring you have chosen.

All you have to do is take your imagination and creativity with when deciding on a new ring. Since there is so much to offer with a 3 stone engagement ring, it will be as though you’re building your own for her. She’s going to remember this for the rest of her life, so take your time and make the right choice.