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De Beers diamond engagement ring

De Beers diamond engagement rings

De Beers diamond engagement rings are in a league of their own, known as being the very best of the best. De Beers is a group of companies which dominate the diamond industry. They have been mining diamonds for over a century and have remained as the world’s leading diamond retailer. Known for their exquisite diamond jewellery and unparalleled workman ship, it is no wonder why some of the most famous women in the world wear De Beers diamond engagement rings on their fingers.

Judging the quality of a diamond

If you are looking for an engagement ring of the highest quality, then you simply cannot go wrong with De Beers. In fact they were the company who came up with the four C’s of diamond quality: carat, cut, clarity and colour standards. These measurements of a diamonds quality are used by many diamond retailers all over the world today.

A symbol of love

Diamonds are thought to be a universal symbol of love, with some people even believing that cupid’s arrows each had diamond tips. Rings have always been a symbol of eternal love as they have no beginning or end, but it is only since De Beers began trading over a century ago that diamond engagement rings became the popular choice for marriage proposals.

De Beers engagement ring prices

De Beers engagement rings prices are very high, but this is no surprise seeing as the company are known for mining the best diamonds in the world. You will find that De Beers engagement rings prices are usually hidden on their website and they will instead ask you to book a viewing appointment. De Beers engagement rings come in a range of cuts, styles and colours. Those who have the money to spend can even go a step further and have a bespoke ring created for them. These one-of-a-kind rings will be some of the most expensively priced in the world, but are a beautiful reminder of your everlasting love.